Biographies from the Net
Star Microsoft Encarta Online;
Star Munzinger Archiv (German);
Star La Città Invisibile (Italian);
Star ... and another one;
Star From the pages of the Slovenian Genealogical Society (in Slovenian)...;
Star ... you can also find his family tree there;

Trivia links
Star Trivia No. One;
Star Texts from Songs for Tito;
Star Tea For Tito;
Star Comrade Tito Was A Gentleman;
Star Nominate Tito For Man Of The Century;
Star as Primorsk Shipping Corp.'s Vessel/Tanker;
Star B-24 Pictures And Personalities;

Star YU Cafe also has some of my pictures;
Star Another YU Cafe...;
StarIl défie la puissance soviétique (French);
Star One of my residencies is now a hotel;
Star Tito and Island of Vis;
* Tito on the cover of Time Magazine on October 9, 1944;
* Yugoslav Club Josip Broz Tito in Mannheim;

My Successors
Warning: links are mostly obsolete!
Star Alija Izetbegovic (unofficial);
Star dr. Franjo Tudman (official);
Star Kiro Gligorov (official, unofficial);
Star Milan Kucan (official, unofficial):
Star Slobodan Milosevic (official, unofficial);

My Enemies
Star Ante Pavelic;