Chronology: Part Four (1966-1980)

For The Old Times Sake


* 1966


March 15

Visits Kragujevac, Kraljevo and Vrnjacka Banja.

March 16

Visits Trstenik, Krusevac and Paracin.

April 10

Visits Drvar, Bosanski Petrovac, Bihac and Banja Luka.

April 11 - 12

In Banja Luka.

April 18 - 23

Visiting SR Rumania.

May 2 - 7

Visiting UAR.

May 10

Visits Sibenik, Murter and Zadar.

June 7

Attends the opening of the 6th Congress of SZDLJ.


On Brioni Isles.

July 1

On Brioni Isles he presides over the IV. Meeting of CK ZKJ. Analysis of negative activities of some security services. Some etatistic-bureaucratic conceptions of Aleksandar Rankovic are condemned, and he resigns from all his functions.

July 5

On Brioni Isles he greets 100 representatives of combatant organizations.

August 19

Visits Bileca and Tjentiste, where he stays until August 22.

August 22

Visits Trebinje, Trebisnjica hydroelectric power plant and Dubrovnik.

September 1 - 2

Visits Ljutomer, Lendava and Murska Sobota.

September 7

Visits Karlovac.

Middle of September

Visiting India.

October 25

Visits Tashkent.

November 9 - 10

In Zagreb.

November 17

Visits Sarajevo.

November 19

Visits Tuzla industrial valley. In the village Sevljionovici he visits the house, where he lived in 1942.

November 20

Visits Brcko and Bjeljina.

November 27

Visits Čacak, Uziska Pozega, Sevojno, Titovo Uzice and Bajina Basta.

December 1 - 3

Visiting SR Rumania.

December 26

In Pula talks to the workers of "Uljanik" shipyard.

* 1967


January 27 - 31

Visiting USSR.

February 2 - 4

Visiting Hungary.

February 13 - 17

Visiting Austria.

March 25

Visits Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecan and Trepca.

March 26

Speaks at a rally in Pristina.

March 27

Visits Prizren and Djakovica.

March 28

Visits Pec and Decani.

May 2

Visits the newly built port of Bakar.

May 17

For the fifth consecutive time he is elected the President of Republic.

May 18

Visits Valjevo.

May 26

Visits Slavonski Brod.

June 9

Attends the meeting of Party and State leaders of Bulgaria, Hungary, DR Germany, Poland, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Rumania and Yugoslavia in Moscow.

July 2 - 4

On Tjentiste.

July 5

Visits Gacko, Bileca and Trebinje.

July 11 - 12

In Bucharest at the consultations of the leaders of Communist and Workers' Parties and the Governments of socialist countries.

August 10 - 13

Visits UAR.

August 13 - 14

Visits Syria.

August 14 - 16

Visiting Iraq.

September 9

Speaks at a public rally in Moslavina.


For several days in Zagreb, where on September 30 he receives the document of the Communists of Croatia.

October 2

Visits Titova Korenica and several other places in Lika, where he stays until October 4.

October 5

He was in all Lika communes.

October 20

In Topusko he talks to representatives of Banija and Kordun. Visits Skopje.

October 21

Visiting Bitola.

October 22 - 23

In Ohrid.

December 1 - 9

Visits USSR.

* 1968


January 2 - 4

At Belje has talks with Ceaucescu.

January 7 - 10

Visiting Afghanistan.

January 10 - 16

Visiting Pakistan.

January 17 - 21

Visits Cambodia.

January 22 - 27

Visiting India.

January 27 - February 4

Visiting Ethiopia.

February 4 - 8

Visiting UAR.

February 10

In Belgrade attends the VIII. Congress of Youth Association of Yugoslavia.

March 20

In Zagreb at the festive 20th Conference of Zagreb Communists.

March 25

Visits Trebinje and starts the new Trebisnjica hydroelectric power plant.

April 8 - 15

Visiting Japan.

April 15 - 21

Visiting PR Mongolia.

April 22 - 28

Visiting Iran.

April 28 - 30

Visiting USSR.

June 26

Attends the opening of the VI. Congress of ZSJ.

June - July

On Brioni Isles.

August 9 - 11

Visits Czechoslovakia.

August 24

Visiting Vrsac.

September 13

In Zagreb.

October 14

Visits Hrastnik.

October 20

Visits Leskovac.

October 21

Visits Prokuplje and Nis.

November 8

Speaks at the great rally on Kamensko.

November 10

Speaks at a rally in Osijek.

November 29 - 30

In Jajce.

December 1 - 3

In Sarajevo, on his way from Jajce he stops in Travnik.

December 4

Visits Bosanski Brod.

December 16

Visits a "Pliva" factory in Zagreb.

* 1969


January 4

Attends the ceremony of awarding Kidric prizes in Ljubljana.


On Brioni Isles.

February 1 - 2

Visits Rumania.

March 11 - 15

Heads the work of the IX. Congress of ZKJ. He is reelected President of ZKJ.

March 28 - 31

In Split.

Beginning of April

Visits Bugojno.

April 8

Visits Mostar.


In Karadjordjevo.

April 18

Visits Novi Sad.

April 19

Visits Temerin, Becej, Ada, Senta, Kaniza and Sombor.

April 21

Visits Pancevo.

April 26

Starts the seventh Drava hydroelectric power plant in Zlatolihe near Maribor.

April 27

Speaks at a rally in Velenje.

April 30

Attends the celebrations of "Tito" shipyard in Kraljevica (established in 1729).

May 11

Speaks at a rally in Titograd.

May 12

Visits Danilovgrad and Niksic.

May 13

Visits Cetinje.

May 14

Visits Bar, Ulcinj and Milocer.

June 2

Visits Novi Sad and Sterijino pozorje Theatre Festival.


On Brioni Isles.

August 2

In Skopje speaks at a festive meeting of Sobranje.

August 3

Visits Krusevo, Prilep and Ohrid, where he stays until August 6.

August 25

From Brioni arrives to Dubrovnik.

August 26 - 28

In Split.

August 28

Visits Zadar.

August 29

Visits Pag.

Beginning of September

At Brdo pri Kranju.

September 9

In Sisak visits a metallurgy combine, oil refinery and the Museum of Revolution.

September 9 - 14

In Zagreb.

September 20

In Djerdap meets Ceausescu. Talks in Kladovo and Turn Severin.

September 21

In Brestovacka Banja visits the construction workers of hydro-energetic system Djerdap.

September 22

Visits Bor.

October 4

In Kranj talks to 150 foreign, mostly Italian journalists.

October 10

In Zagreb speaks at a public rally celebrating 50th Anniversary of ZKJ.

October 23

Visits Samac.

October 25

Visits Zrenjanin and Kikinda.

October 28

Visits Banja Luka, hit by an earthquake.

November 5 - 9

Officially visits Algeria.

November 30

Attends the festive meeting of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH in Sarajevo and receives diploma as an honorary member.

December 11

In Ljubljana attends festive meeting of Ljubljana University; he is promoted as Honorary Ph.D.

December 12

Visits Kranj.

December 15 - 19

In Zagreb promoted as Honorary Ph.D. of the Zagreb University (December 17).

* 1970


January 26 - February 2

Visiting Tanzania.

February 2 - 9

Visiting Zambia.

February 9 - 12

Visiting Ethiopia.

February 12 - 20

Visiting Kenya.

February 20

Visits Uganda.

February 20 - 23

Visiting Sudan.

February 23 - 25

Friendly visit to UAR.

February 25 - 27

Friendly visit to Libya.


On Brioni Isles.

April 15

Visits Banja Luka, Zenica and Bugojno.

April 18

Visits Travnik and Novi Travnik.

May 3

Speaks at a rally in Rijeka.

May 16

Attends the opening of the finals of the VI. Basketball World Championship in Ljubljana.

June 9

Attends the festive session of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and receives a diploma of its first Honorary Member.

June - July

On Brioni Isles.

August 6 - 8

On Rabljak.

August 9

Visits Visegrad, Gorazde and Foca.

August 10 - 12

On Tjentiste.

August 13

Visits Gacko and Mostar.

August 15

Visiting Split.

September 8 - 10

Heads the Yugoslav delegation at the III. Conference of Non-Aligned in Lusaka.

September 18 - 22

In Zagreb: he points that the state administration needs to be reorganized and that the presidency of SFRY needs to be established.

October 6 - 9

Visits Belgium.

October 9 - 11

Visits Luxembourg.

October 11

Visits Federal Republic of Germany.

October 20 - 23

Visits the Netherlands.

October 23

For a short time stops in Paris.

November 25

Visits Smederevo and Smederevska Palanka.

November 27

Visits Kraguljevac.

December 4

Opens a part of highway through Belgrade and the passage under Terazije.

December 30

Arrives to Ljubljana.

* 1971



On Brioni Isles.

February 2

Visits Zagreb.

February 14 - 20

Visits ZAR.

March 6 - 10

In Zagreb.

March 25 - 29

Official visit to Italy and the Vatican.

April 5

In Zenica hands the war flags to the commandants of territorial units of the Zenica commune.

April 12

Visits Kosovska Mitrovica.

April 13

Visits Urosevac and Prizren.

April 15

Visits Novi Pazar.

April 16

Visits Kursumlija, Prokuplje and Nis.

April 26

In Ljubljana attends the festive meeting of the Republic Conference of SZDL of Slovenia.

April 28 - 30

On Brioni Isles presides over expanded XVII. Meeting of the Presidency of ZKJ.

May 2

Speaks at a grand public rally in Labin.

May 5 - 8

Attends the II. Congress of self-governers in Sarajevo.

May 10

Speaks at a commemorative session at the federal assembly over the death of Milentije Popovic.

May 15 - 21

In Karadjordjevo.

May 22

Visits Novi Sad.

June 15

Visits several Belgrade working organizations.

July 2

Visits Slavonski Brod.

July 4

In Zagreb he attended the closed session of IKZKH (critique of nationalistic detours).

July 5

Visits the youth at "Sava 71" working action.

July 7

Visits Celje.


On Brioni Isles.

July 29

Again reelected President of the Republic.

September 1

Visits Split.

September 5

On Tjentiste unveils the memorial for the heroes of Sutjeska.

September 8

In Zagreb visits "Prvomajska" factory.

September 10

Visits Varazdin.

October 6

At the "Svoboda 1971" maneuvers.

October 8

In Dubovac near Karlovac he met with representatives of Communes of Karlovac, Duga Resa, Vojnic, Slunj, Ogulin, Bihac, Velika Kladusa, Cazin, Črnomelj and Metlika.

October 9

On Vnunsko polje at the defile of units that took part in the "Svoboda 1971" maneuvers.

October 13 - 16

Visits Iran.

October 16 - 19

Visiting India.

October 20 - 21

Visits UAR.

October 27 - November 2

Visits USA.

November 2 - 7

Visits Canada.

November 7 - 8

Visits Great Britain.

November 8

Returns to Belgrade.

November 10 - 21

In Bugojno.

November 23 - 24

Talks with Ceaucescu in Temisoara.

November 30 - December 1

Meeting of IKZK of Croatia in Karadjordjevo.

December 1 - 2

In Karadjordjevo he attends the 21st meeting of the presidency of CK ZKJ.

December 22

Speaks at a celebration in Rudo.

* 1972


Awaits the New Year at the Ljubljana "Tovarna dekorativnih tkanin" factory.

January 15

In Pula at "Uljanik" shipyard attends the launching of the biggest ship ever constructed or built in Yugoslavia (27500 tons of carry).

February - March

On Brioni Isles.

April 19

In Zagreb visits the "Bridge of Youth".

April 20

Talks with political active of Croatia.

April 21

In Kumrovec sets the cornerstone for Memorial home of fighters and youth of Yugoslavia.

April 25

Visits Zenica and Bugojno.

April 27

Visits Sipovo.

End of April

In Bugojno.

May 6

Visits Novo Varos.

May 8

Speaks at a big rally in Titovo Uzice.

May 16

With Ceaucescu unveils the memorial plaque on "Friendship Bridge" on Djerdap dam. Tito is pronounced the Hero of SR Rumania.

May 24

At the festive session of federal assembly Tito is presented with the Order of National Hero. The same day the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of USSR honored Tito with the highest Soviet order - the Order of Lenin.

May 30

Receives special award of the city of Belgrade.

June 5 - 10

Visiting Soviet Union.


On Brioni Isles.

September 3

In Rijeka visits "3rd May" shipyard.

September 5

Visits Zagreb.

September 7 - 9

In Zagreb opens the Zagreb Fair, visits INA plants in Ivanicgrad and Kumrovec.

September 9 - 10

On Kozara and in Prijedor.

October 13 - 16

In Belgrade attends four-day talks with the leading social-political active of Serbia (critique of liberalism).

October 18

Sends an open letter to all organizations and members of ZKJ.

October 22 - 25

Attends the closing operations at the "Podgora '72" military exercise.

November 7

Visits Kumanovo and Skopje.

November 8

In Skopje visits the Industry of glass and glass wool.

November 9

Visits Tetovo.

November 10 - 11

In Skopje.


On Brioni Isles.

December 9

Visits Sesvete and Kranj.

December 11

Visits Ljubljana.

December 15

Visits Portoroz.

December 27

Arrives on Montenegrin riviera.

December 29

Visits Titograd (now Podgorica).

December 31

In Milocer.

* 1973


January 1 - 6

In Milocer. On January 3 he visits Petrovac na moru, Sutomore and Bar.


On Brioni Isles.

February 27

Arrives at Brdo pri Kranju (stays here until March 5).

March 6

Visits Trebce and Kumrovec.

March 7

Visits Stubiske Toplice.

March 7 - 11

In Zagreb. Takes a look at the Zagreb - Karlovac highway.

March 29

Visits "Ivo Lola Ribar" factory in Železnik.

April 3

Visits Kraljevo.

April 4

Visits Vrnjacka Banja, Krusevac, Paracin and Svetozarevo.

April 8 - 14

In Karadjordjevo.

April 23

In Belgrade speaks at the session of the General Assembly of the Federation.

April 25

Arrives at Brdo pri Kranju.

July 2

Visits Dubrovnik and Kupari.

July 3

Arrives on Tjentiste.


On Brioni Isles.

September 2 - 10

Heads the Yugoslav delegation on the 4th Conference of Non-Aligned in Algiers.

October 14

Visits Stubica and unveils a memorial to Gubec.

November 5

Visits Backa Palanka.

November 12 - 15

Visits Soviet Union.

November 22

In Belgrade opens a sports and recreation center "25. maj".

November 26

After a short visit to Zenica he arrives in Bugojno (Koprivnica near Bugojno).

November 29

Arrives in Jajce to attend the celebrations of the 2nd Meeting of AVNOJ.

December 4

Visits Banja Luka.


On Brioni Isles.

December 29

Comes to Brdo pri Kranju, where he awaits the New Year.

* 1974


January 24 - 29

Visiting India.

January 29

Visits Bangladesh.

February 2 - 5

Visits Nepal.

February 5

On his way to Syria he stops in Delhi.

February 5 - 7

Visits Syria.

February 7

Returns to Belgrade.

March 8 - 15

In Karadjordjevo.

April 2

On his way to Bugojno he visits Doboj, Zenica and Travnik.

April 15

Visits Sarajevo.

May 11

Visits Ljubljana.

May 16

At the joint session of Assembly bodies of SFRJ he is elected as the President without time limit of his mandate.

May 27 - 30

Heads the work of the 10th Congress of ZKJ. Elected President of ZKJ without time limit of his mandate.

June 1

Attends the "Drvar 1974" Military exercise.

June 2

Speaks at a big rally in Drvar and gives Drvar and the 3rd Lika Proletarian Brigade the Order of National Hero.

June 4

Visits Gornji Milanovac and Čacak and several other cities in western Serbia.

June 6

On Zlatibor in the "Palisad" Hotel.

June 7

In Prilike at Ivanjica starts the first state satellite station.

June 12 - 22

In Karadjordjevo.

June 24 - 27

Visits Federal Republic of Germany.

July 8 - 11

Visits SR Rumania.

July 14

Visits Kumrovec.

July 15 - 17

In Zagreb.

September 12

Visits Jesenice.

September 15

Takes a look at the Zagreb Fair.

November 21

Speaks at the 9th Congress of ZSMJ.

November 29

In Kumrovec opens Memorial home of fighters and youth.

December 1

In Krsko sets the cornerstone of the first nuclear power plant in Yugoslavia.

December 17

Speaks at the VII. Congress of Unions Association of Yugoslavia.

* 1975


January 2

Visits Kosmaj, Oplenac and Mladenovac.

January 6

Visits the National Library of SR Serbia and the "Beogradjanka" palace.

February 9

Visits Risan, Kotor and Tivat. For several days he stays on the Montenegrin riviera.

March 3

Speaks at the first session of the newly elected Council of the Federation.

March 10 - 13

Visits PR Poland.

March 21

Arrives on a several day visit to SR Bosnia and Herzegovina.

March 26

Visits Livno.

March 31

Visits Skopje.

April 1

Visits Titov Veles.

April 3

Visits Pristina, where he is promoted as Honorary Ph.D. of Pristina University.

May 27

Arrives to SR Slovenia (Brdo pri Kranju).

July 30 - August 1

V Helsinki heads the Yugoslav delegation at the Conference on European Security.

September 15 - 20

In Zagreb; on September 19 he visits Kumrovec, 20th Sisak. 16th he gives Zagreb the Order of Hero.

October 27

Visits copper and aluminum rolling mill in Sevojno.

October 29

On Zlatibor.

October 31

Visits Drina-Kolubara region. Speaks at a rally in Valjevo.

November 7

Talks to the workers of "Pobeda" factory in Petrovaradin.

December 31

Arrives to Zagreb, awaiting the New Year.

* 1976


January 6

Several days in Zagreb; at a dinner in his honor by Jakov Blazevic and Milka Planinc he makes a toast.

February 23

Visits Kupari.

February 10 - 14

Visits the United States of Mexico.

February 14 - 17

Visits Panama.

February 17 - 19

Visits Venezuela.

February 20 - 22

Visits Portugal.

February 29

Visits Sweden.

May 10 - 13

Visits Greece.

May 21

In Novi Sad visits the 43rd International Farming Fair.

May 28

Opens the Belgrade - Bar railroad and speaks at a big public rally in Belgrade.

May 29

With the first train arrives to Bar.

June 8 - 10

Visits Turkey.

June 29 - 30

Heads the ZKJ delegation at the Berlin Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties of Europe.

July 9

Arrives on Plitvice.

July 10

In Smiljan near Gospic speaks at a big celebration of the 120th Anniversary of birth of Nikola Tesla.

July 12

From Plitvice travels to Brioni.

August 16 - 19

Heads Yugoslav delegation at the V. Conference of the Non-Aligned in Colombo, where he arrives on August 12.

August 28

On Vanga meets Dolores Ibarruri.

November 4

Arrives on a five-day visit to Bugojno.

November 25

Attends the joint session of both houses of the SFRJ Assembly: the Law of Associated Work is passed.

December 21

At the Center of Army Universities he is solemnly promoted as first Ph.D. in Military Science in Yugoslavia.

* 1977


Tito awaits New Year pricakal in the Novi Sad's Hotel "Park" and the "Agrokop" factory hall; Visits also the Home of JLA.

January 18 - 20

Visits Libyan Arab Republic.

January 25

Arrives in Hercegnovi, where he spends several days in very dynamic work until March 22.

March 23

Arrives on a several day visit to Zagreb and Kumrovec, where he has several lectures for the students of the "Josip Broz Tito" political school about the history of ZKJ.

March 28

On his way to Bugojno, where he stays until April 7, he visits Bihac.

April 22

In Novi Sad attends the 22nd Yugoslav Theater Festival.

April 25

In Ljubljana attends the festive meeting of CK ZK of Slovenia.

May 3

From Brdo pri Kranju visits Drazgose and Selska dolina.

May 14

Visits New Belgrade.

May 16

Tito receives the third Order of National Hero.

June 7

Visits Sremska Mitrovica.

June 10

Takes a look at the section of highway through Serbia.

June 23

Visits Kraljevica.

August 16 - 23

Visits the Soviet Union.

August 24 - 29

Visits DPR Korea.

August 31 - September 7

Visits PR of China.

September 10

Arrives at Split, where he stays until September 15.

September 15

Arrives on a few days visit to Belje.

September 26

In Osijek greeted by 80.000 citizens, then he leaves for Zagreb, where he stays until September 30.


In Karadjordjevo.

October 12 - 14

Visits France.

October 17 - 19

Visits Portugal.

October 20 - 21

Visits Algeria.

December 3 - 4

Visits Rumania.

* 1978


Awaits New Year on Brioni Isles.

February 1

In Hercegnovi greets the delegation of the Federal Conference of SZDLJ and speaks about its tasks: orientation towards the mass political work.

February 28

Before leaving for USA in Igalo he meets commentator Reston and answers to several questions.

March 7

Visits USA.

March 12

Visits Great Britain.


Leads the work of XI. Congress of ZKJ.

July 4

On Tjentiste he spoke at a big public rally.

July 25

In Belgrade he spoke at the Minister Conference of Non-Aligned States.

September 7

At Brdo pri Kranju talks to the leaders of SR Slovenia.

October 2

Visits Kragujevac.

October 3

In Kragujevac talks to the representatives of SR Serbia about the topical questions of social-economic and social-political development of the Republic.

October 6

During his several day visit to SR Macedonia in Skopje he talks to the leading active of SR Macedonia.

October 17

Speaks at VIII. Congress of ZZBNOV of Yugoslavia in Budva.

November 12

On Makljen and in Jablanica he attends the magnificent celebration of the 35th Anniversary of battle on Sutjeska.

November 21

Speaks at the VIII. Congress of Unions Association of Yugoslavia: collective work and responsibility.

December 21

On Brioni Isles general Ljubicic gave a dinner in the honor of the Supreme Commander; Tito thanks with a toast.

* 1979


Awaits New Year on Brioni Isles.

January 25

On his way to Belgrade he stops for a short time at the Ljubljana Railroad station.

February 1 - 4

Visits Kuwait.

February 4 - 8

Visits Iraq.

February 8 - 11

Visits Syria.

February 11 - 12

Visits Jordan.

March 13 - 18

In Split.

March 18

On the way to Igalo for a short time he stops at Dubrovnik.

March 22

Presides over a joint meeting of SFRJ Presidency and CK ZKJ.

April 15

Visits areas of Montenegro, hit by the earthquake.

April 16

Arrives to Belgrade.

April 26

Arrives to Brdo pri Kranju.

May 1

In Bohinjska Bistrica attends festive meeting of CK ZKJ.

May 10

Visits Kumrovec and Zagreb, where he stays until May 12.

May 16

From Belgrade travels to Moscow.

May 21

He returns from a friendly visit to Soviet Union to Belgrade.

May 28 - 31

Visits Algeria.

May 31 - June 3

Visits Libya.

June 3 - 5

Visits Malta.

June 5

Flies to Pula and leaves to Brioni.

August 15

Visits Zadar and Rab.

August 29

Leaves for Havana heading the Yugoslav delegation at the VI. Conference of the Non-Aligned.

November 21

Visits Rumania.

* 1980


January 3

After advice from doctors consilium he is admitted to the Clinical center in Ljubljana because of examination of veins/arteries on his leg.

January 6

After examinations of veins/arteries on his leg he leaves Clinical center in Ljubljana. Asserted state demands further intensive medical treatment.

January 7

Medical consilium at Brdo pri Kranju consults with Prof. dr. Michael de Bakey from USA and Prof. dr. Marat Knjazejev from USSR about medical condition and further medical treatment.

January 13

Admitted to Clinical center in Ljubljana.

January 14

Surgery on veins of his left foot.

January 21

At noon President Tito's left leg is amputated because of severe arterial damage.

January 26

Left the Intensive care Dept. and was taken in the hospital department of the Clinic for coronary illnesses, where they continued with the measures of medical rehabilitation.

April 21

General medical state is a very heavy one: the bleeding does not stop, heavy damage of liver was accompanied by heavy jaundice and pneumonia, high temperature and cardiac weakness that endangered the life of comrade President; the kidney function did not regain.

April 28

With the use of suitable measures they treated the critical phase of coma, into which he fell on April 22 in the afternoon hours, but the general medical condition was still very complicated.

May 3

Slight improvement of health condition from the last few days is still being kept. But the general medical condition is still very complicated.

May 4

President of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, president of Association of Communists of Yugoslavia and the Supreme Commander of the SFRJ armed forces, the Marshal of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito died at 15.05.