Chronology: Part Three (1946-1965)

Local Hero Becomes A World Leader


* 1946


January 20

Visits Novi Sad.

January 31

Attends joint session of the Constitutional Assembly that declares the first constitution of the FLRJ (Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia).

February 1

Gives his report to the assembly about the construction of the first government of the FLRJ. Tito is elected as the Prime Minister and by the constitution became the Superior Commander.

February 28

Visits workers building the Pancevo bridge over Donava.

March 12

Travels to Poland, where he stays until March 19.

March 20-24

Visits Czechoslovakia.

April 3

Visits Backa.

May 11

Arrives to Zagreb and speaks at the III. Congress of People's Youth of Yugoslavia.

May 12

In Zagreb attends the defile of 17000 physical trainers. Receives the document of honorary citizenship of Zagreb.

May 13

Accompanied by dr. Bakaric he visits Kumrovec, Klanjec and some other cities in Hrvatsko Zagorje.

May 16

In Zagreb visits the Rade Koncar factory.

May 27 - June 10

On a friendly visit to USSR.

July 7

Speaks at a rally in Uzice.

July 8

Speaks in Cajetina; until July 12 stays on Zlatibor.

July 12

Over Nova Varos and Gostun near Lim arrives to Montenegro.

July 13

Speaks at a rally on Cetinje.

July 16

On his journey to Bar for a short time stops at Petrovac na moru.

July 19-22

In Dubrovnik.

July 23-26

In Split.

July 27

Speaks at a rally in Korenica.

August 19-26

In Slovenia visits Jesenice, Bled and Kranj.

September 26-27

Visits the builders of youth railroad Brcko - Banovici.

September 27

Speaks at a rally in Tuzla.

October 31

In Zagreb he speaks at an pre-election rally of the People's Front.

November 3

Speaks at a rally in Belgrade.

* 1947


January 1

At the grand inspection of troops in Belgrade.

June 2

Visits the Zagreb fair.

July - June

In Ljubljana and Kranj.

Beginning August

In Ljubljana and at Bled.

August 22

Visits Bela krajina, Metlika, Črnomelj and Kocevski Rog.

August 23 - 25

In Zagreb.

August 26

Visits Klanjec, Krapinske Toplice, Oroslavlje, Kumrovec, Bistrica and Trebce.

September 1

Opens the "Litostroj" factory in Ljubljana.

September 5

Visits the Maribor Car Factory (TAM).

September 7

On Strnisce near Ptuj he visits the construction site of the Aluminum factory. Then he travels to Bled, where he stays for a few days.

September 26 - 28

Attends the II. Congress of LF of Yugoslavia.

September 29 - 30

Attends the founding Congress of the Association of soldiers of NOV of Yugoslavia.

November 16

Visits Sarajevo and attends the festivities at the opening of the youth railroad track Samac - Sarajevo.

November 25 - 28

Heads the Yugoslav delegation to a friendly visit to PR of Bulgaria.

December 6 - 8

Heads the Yugoslav delegation to a friendly visit to the republic of Hungary.

December 16 - 19

Heads the Yugoslav government delegation to an official visit to Rumania.

December 28

In Zagreb attends the festive meeting of JAZU (Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts), that elected him as the first honorary member of JAZU.

* 1948


January 1

Attends the festivities at the opening of youth factory "Ivo Lola Ribar" in Železniki.

January 25

Attends the opening of the II. Congress of Anti-Fascist Women of Yugoslavia.

April 1

Presides over a meeting of CK CPY in Belgrade: they discuss Stalin's proposal to form a federation between Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria.

March 27

Stalin and Molotov in the name of CK VKP(b) send an indicative letter to CK CPY. The letter is handed over to Tito in Zagreb on Tuskanec.

April 12 - 13

Tito presides the plenum of CK KPJ: assessment of the CK VKP(b) letter.

May 4

CK VKP(b) sends a new letter to the CK CPY with even harder allegations.

May 9

At a meeting in Belgrade the CK CPY accepts the reply to the CKVKP(b) letter. Zujovic and Hebrang were suspended from CK CPY and from CPY also.

May 20

At its meeting the CK CPY unanimously accepts the statement that CPY will not attend the next meeting of Informbiro. They decide to call the V. Congress of CPY. The Membership of CPY was being informed about the Soviet allegations.

June 28

Informbiro publishes the "Resolution on the situation in the CPY".

June 30

In Yugoslavia the resolution of Informbiro is published. Tito visits the building site of New Belgrade on the same day.

July 14

Tito visits the builders of the "Bratstvo-enotnost" highway.

July 21 - 28

Tito heads the work of the V. Congress of CPY. New CK CPY is elected (63 members and 42 candidates).

July 29

Plenary meeting of CK CPY: Josip Broz Tito is elected as its Secretary General.

Beginning of August

In Slovenia (Kranj and Bled).

September 11

Visits Sibenik.

September 12

Visits the Island of Vis.

October 8

Visits a mine in Bor.

October 14

Attends the conclusive work of the IV. Congress of SKOJ.

October 26

Gives a solemn reception for the participants of the 1st Congress of United Unions of Yugoslavia.

November 11

Attends the festive meeting of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as he was elected as the first honorary member of SANU.

November 16

In Ljubljana he attends the festive meeting of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts; elected as the first honorary member of SAZU.

November 21

Visits Kumrovec.

November 22

Speaks at the II. Congress CP of Croatia in Zagreb.

November 25

Visits the Trbovlje mine.

December 15

Attends the opening of joint Congress of SKOJ and People's Youth of Yugoslavia.

* 1949


January 1

In Belgrade welcomes the representatives of workers and youth working brigades from the building sites of New Belgrade.

January 19

In Belgrade attends the opening of the II. Congress of CP of Serbia.

March 31

On Brioni Isles Tito gives a reception to the 150 delegates of Croatian, Slovenian and Italian population of Istria and Slovenian coast.

April 9 - 11

In Belgrade attends the III. Congress of LFJ.

July 10

In Pula speaks at a big rally.


On Brioni Isles.

August 2 - 3

On August 2 speaks at a rally in Skopje. Welcomes the representatives of refugees from Aegean Macedonia and wounded fighters of the Greek Democratic Armada.

September 26

Speaks at a celebration in Stolice.

September 28

On the Yugoslav Army units' maneuvers. The government of USSR unilaterally annuls the contract of friendship and mutual help between the USSR and FLRJ. Similar contracts were cancelled also by Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania and Czechoslovakia.

October 2

On a several days visit to Zagreb Tito attends the Zagreb fair.

October 20

Visits shipyard on Cukarica.

October 25

The government of USSR resigned its hospitality to the Ambassador of FLRJ. The same was with the governments of other East-European countries.

November 29

In Budapest at the Informbiro session new resolution is adopted, that includes also the assertion, that "the transformation of Yugoslavia from the phase of bourgeois nationalism into fascism and direct betrayal of national interests is over".

December 29

The first Workers council in Yugoslavia is elected (v Solinu).

* 1950


February 18

Tito visits Titovo Uzice and speaks at a magnificent pre-election rally.

February 26

Tito speaks at the III. Congress of People's Front of Serbia.

March 5

Speaks at a pre-election rally in Split.

March 6

Visits Klis and Sinj.

March 8

In Split visits the Archeology museum, then Solin.

March 9

Visits the islands of Brac and Hvar.

March 12

Visits Drvar.

May 21

In Zemun attends festive celebrations of 8th anniversary of Yugoslav Airforce.

May 30

Visits hydroelectric power plants on Vlasina, visits uprising region of Toplice and speaks at a rally in Prokuplje.

May 31

Visits Pristina and the Gracanica monastery, then Trepca, Zvecan and Kosovska Mitrovica.

July 23

In Pula inspects the ship "Pula".

July - August

On Brioni Isles and in Bled.

October 7 - 8

In Zagreb visits the Zagreb fair.

October 29

In Zagreb attends the III. Congress of Anti-Fascist Women of Yugoslavia.

* 1951


March 10 - 11

Attends the II. Congress of Association of soldiers in the NOVJ.

May 15

In Bled welcomes the delegation of the II. Congress of Journalists of Yugoslavia.

May 19

Visits Zagreb.

July 11

Visits Hercegnovi and Kotor, then Cetinje on July 12.

July 13

Speaks at a big rally in Titograd.

July 17

Visits Zadar.

July 17 - 24

In Split visits "Jugovinil", for the navy representatives gives a festive dinner, a reception for the representatives of "Hajduk" and the US senators, and before leaving he also spoke with a group of old activists of the workers' movement.

July 26

Visits Martin Brod, Bihac, Bosanski Novi, Bosanska Krupa and Bosanska Dubica.

July 27

In Knezice on Kozara he speaks at a grand rally.

July 28

In Sisak visits the steelworks, the refinery and what was once the workshop of master Karas.


On Brioni Isles, on Bled and in Brdo pri Kranju.

September 1

Visits Ljubljana and attends the opening of steel foundry in the "Litostroj" factory.

September 4

Visits Zagreb.

September 6

Visits Kumrovec.

September 7

Visits Vojnik.

September 9 - 12

Visits Split and Divulje.

September 13

Visits Mostar.

September 14 - 15

In Sarajevo.

September 16

Visits Zenica.

September 23

Speaks to the people of Valjevo.

September 23 - 24

In Titovo Uzice.

September 25

Visits Uziska Pozega and Čacak (rally).

October 7

Visits Kraljevo.

October 8

In Zagreb attends the II. Congress of Unions Association of Yugoslavia.

October 27

In Belgrade attends the III. Congress of war and military invalids of Yugoslavia.

November 29

Receives the Order of Hero of Socialist Work.

December 23

On Topcider inspects the soldiers of the 1st Proletarian Brigade.

* 1952


May 10

Visits Krapina and speaks at the big rally.

May 11

Visits Zrenjanin.

May 21

In Batajnica gives over first war flags to the regiments of the Yugoslav Air Force.

June 6

In Ljubljana visits comrades Kardelj and Popovic in the hospital after surgery.


On Brioni Isles.

July 6

Speaks at a rally to the 200000 citizens of Nis.

Middle of July

On Brioni Isles.

July 27

Visits Glina and speaks at a grand public rally.

July 28

In Zagreb.

July 29

Arrives to Bled.

August 7

In Kamnik visits the "Titan" factory, where he once worked in the year 1911.


In Brdo pri Kranju and on Brioni Isles.

August 31

Visits Senj.

September 5 - 12

In Split.

September 14

In Dolenjske Toplice he collaborated at the celebration of first Slovenian brigades, in the afternoon he visited the Zagreb fair.

September 22

At Brdo pri Kranju he gives a lunch in the honor of Anthony Eden.

November 2 - 7

In Zagreb he collaborated at the VI. Congress of CPY. The Communist Party of Yugoslavia is renamed into Association of Communists of Yugoslavia. A new CK ZKJ is elected (109 members), as well as the Executive Committee of ZKJ (12 members); Tito is elected the Secretary General.

November 7

In Zagreb visits the "Prvomajska" factory.

December 16

Visits Smederevska Palanka.

* 1953


January 14

At the joint session of the Federal Assembly and the Assembly of Producers of the People's Assembly Tito is elected as the first President of the Republic. He presides the first meeting of Federal Executive Council.

January - February

On Brioni Isles.

February 8

Visits Ljubljana.

February 22 - 25

Attends the IV. Congress of LFJ (becoming SZDLJ).

March 6

Visits Zenica.

March 10

With "Galeb" ship travels to a friendly state visit to Great Britain.

March 16 - 21

Visiting Great Britain.

March 30

Upon return from England he speaks in Split.

April 15

In Ljubljana speaks at the grave of Boris Kidric.

May 17

In Slavonski Brod attends the celebration of the founding of the VI. Slavonian corps.

June 6

The government of USSR suggested to the government of FLRJ exchange of ambassadors. Same action followed shortly by the governments of Hungary, Bulgaria and Albania, in 1954 also by the governments of Poland and Czechoslovakia.

June 14

Tito in the village Beram speaks at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the liberation of Istria.


On Brioni Isles.

July 3

Visits Opatija.


At Brdo pri Kranju and on Brioni Isles.

August 2 - 3

Visits Mali Losinj and Susak.

September 2

Visits Fakano.

September 6

Speaks at a big public rally on Okroglica near Novi Gorici.

September 7 - 10

Visits Zadar, Sibenik and village Betina.

September 13

In Split speaks at a public rally to more than 200000 inhabitants.

September 24 - 26

At the Yugoslav People's Army units' maneuvers. After the maneuvers he gives a reception in Zagreb.

September 27

Visits Ruma. Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of founding the Vojvodina Brigades.

October 4

In Bjelovar speaks at the celebration of the founding of the 10th Zagreb Corps.

October 10

In Leskovac speaks at a celebration of South-Moravian brigades.

October 11

In Skopje he speaks at the celebration of the founding of Macedonian brigades.

November 15

Speaks at a pre-election rally in Belgrade.

November 26

Speaks to the people of Zenica.

November 28 - 29

In Jajce celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the 2nd Session of AVNOJ.


At Brdo pri Kranju.

* 1954


January 16 -17

Presides over the III. (extraordinary) Plenum of CKZKJ: critique of Djilas' anti-party work and his liberalism; Djilas is suspended from CK ZKJ, and later also from the ZKJ.

January 29

Tito is reelected as the president of FLRJ.

April 12 - 18

Visits Turkey.

April 21

As he returned from Turkey he speaks in Split a grand public rally. The same day he speaks also in Knin, and the next day in Belgrade he is greeted by 200.000 Belgraders.

April 28

Speaks at the III. Congress of ZK of Serbia in Belgrade.


At Brdo pri Kranju and in Bled.

June 2 - 6

Visits Greece.

June 6

Upon his return from Greece he spoke in Gevgelija and on June 7 in Titov Veles.

June 7

In Skopje Tito speaks to 80000 citizens about his visit to Greece.


On Brioni Isles.

August 15

Visits Rovinj and Porec.

September 19

At Ostrozno near Celje he spoke to 350.000 people about the participation of Slovenian people in the NOB (National Liberation War).

October 2 - 3

In Trebinje attends the celebrations of 10th Anniversary of Liberation of Trebinje and the East and South Herzegovina.

October 4 - 6

In Sarajevo.

November 21

In Koper he spoke at a big public rally.

November 26

Tito discussed the normalization of relations with the USSR at the plenum of CKZKJ in Belgrade.

December 16

President Tito pays official visit to India. Tito and Nehru on December 22 for the first time sirse obdelala the principles of peaceful active coexistence. Tito stayed in India until January 8, 1955.

* 1955


January 6 - 17

Tito officially visits Burma.

January 16

In Rangoon Tito is given honorary Ph.D. in Law.

February 5

As Tito returns to his homeland he meets Naser at Suez.

February 12

While travelling from Rijeka to Belgrade Tito shortly stops in Karlovac, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci and Sremska Mitrovica. In Belgrade he speaks to 300.000 people.

April 18

Tito visited the Institute in Vinca.

May 15

Tito speaks at a big rally in Pula.

May 21

In Postojna he inspects the troops of the 1st Proletarian division.

June 2

In Belgrade he signs the joint declaration of the governments of FLRJ and USSR.


On Brioni Isles.

July 27

Speaks at a public rally in Karlovac.

August 9

In Pula visits the factory of knitwear, the "Uljanik" shipyard and "Boris Kidric" factory.

September 26

He started the Zvornik hydroelectric power plant.

December 11 - 24

President Tito visits Ethiopia.

December 28

Arrives on an official visit to United Arab Republic.

* 1956


January 6

From UAR travels to homeland.

January 10

With "Galeb" ship arrives in Pula.

January 12

Tito returns to Belgrade.


On Brioni Isles.

May 7 - 12

Official visit to France.

June 1 - 22

Official visit to USSR.

June 23 - 27

Official visit to Rumania.

June 27

In Kikinda speaks at a rally to 60000 citizens.

July 18

On Brioni Isles the first in a series of meetings of Tito, Nehru and Naser.

July 30

Tito visits Korcula.

July 31

With "Galeb" ship Tito arrives to Split.

September 27 - October 4

On a private visit to USSR.

November 6

In Ljubljana presides over a Executive Committee of the CK ZKJ meeting.

November 11

Visits Pula.

* 1957


March 13

In Novi Sad Tito attends the consultations of farmers.

March 18

In Belgrade speaks at the grave of Mose Pijade.

March 19

In Zagreb visits the "Rade Koncar" factory.


On Brioni Isles.

May 27

In Vrutok starts the first aggregate of Mavrovo hydroelectric power plant.

May 28

Visits Negotino by Vardar, Bogdance and Stari Dojran.

May 29

Visits Strumica, Stip and Skopje.

May 30

On his way to Ohrid he stops at Titov Veles.

May 31

From Ohrid he visits Struga.

June 2

Visits Bitola.

June 3

Speaks at a big public rally in Skopje.

June 25

In Belgrade speaks at the 1st Congress of Workers' Councils of Yugoslavia.


On Brioni Isles.

August 1 - 2

Heads the Party and State delegation visiting Bucharest, where they met delegations of KP of Soviet Union and the government of USSR.


On Brioni Isles.

September 5

Visits Borovo.

September 21

Visits Osijek.

September 22

Visits Sabac.

* 1958


April 19

Tito is again reelected as President of the Republic.

April 22 - 26

In Ljubljana heads the work of the VII. Congress of ZKJ.

May 17

Visits "Boris Kidric" institute.

June 15

Speaks at a public rally in Labin. Tito is reelected as Secretary General of the ZKJ.

June 29

Visits Dubrovnik.

July 2

Opens the new road Gacko - Foca.

July 3

With Naser arrives in Foca and Tjentiste.

July 4

On Tjentiste inspects the surviving fighters from the battle of Sutjeska.

July 5

With Naser arrives from Dubrovnik to Split. After two-day talks on Brioni they visited Rovinj on July 8.

August 7

Visits the Island of Mljet.

August 8

Visits the Island of Lastovo.

August 9

Visits Korcula.

August 10

Visits Zlarin.

August 19

Visits Velenje mine.

August 20

In Maribor visits TAM and "Kidricevo" combine.

August 22

Visits youth working brigades on the Ljubljana - Zagreb highway.

September 6

Opens the Zagreb fair.

October 12

Visits Zenica.

November 19

Visits Zrenjanin and Ecko.

November 23

Opens the Zagreb - Ljubljana highway. Speaks in Novo mesto.

December 2

On his journey to Indonesia he stops in Sarajevo and Mostar and arrives in Dubrovnik.

December 5

In Port Said he is greeted by Naser.

December 23 - January 1

Visiting Indonesia.

* 1959


January 8 - 9

Visiting Burma.

January 13 - 19

Visiting India.

January 21 - 26

Visiting Sri Lanka.

February 2 - 12

Visiting Ethiopia.

February 12 -18

Visiting Sudan.

February 20 - 22

Visiting UAR.

February 22 - 28

Visiting Syria.

March 2 - 4

On Rhodes visiting Greece. On March 6 he stops in Thessaloniki.

March 6

Speaks at a big rally in Skopje.

March 7

Speaks at a rally in Belgrade.


On Brioni Isles.

April 19

In Belgrade speaks at a festive meeting of CK ZKJ.

May 28

Visits Smederevo, Veliko Gradiste and Kladovo.

May 29

Visits Prahovo and Negotin.

May 30

Visits Majdanpek, Kucevo, Kostolac and Pozarevac.

June 8

Visits Smederevo.

June 14

In Koper opens the factory of motorcycles "Tomos".

June - August

On Brioni Isles.

September 17

Visits Split and Kotor.

September 18

Visits Bar, Ulcinj and Miloger.

September 19

Visits Budva, Titograd and Cetinje.

September 20

Visits Danilovgrad and Niksic.

September 21

Visits Ivangrad, Andrijevica and Bijelo Polje.

September 22

Visits Pljevljo and Prijepolje.

September 24

Visits Titovo Uzice, Uziska Pozega and Čacak.

October 1

Visits Poljoprivredni kombinat of Belgrade.

October 12

Visits Novi Sad.

November 22

Visits Paracin and Nis.

December 12

In Zagreb, from where he visited Varazdin (December 13 - 14).

* 1960



On Brioni Isles.

May 9

In Strum near Sisak he gives into exploitation of the biggest Yugoslav oil field.

May 27

Visits Subotica.

May 29

Visits Backa Topola.

June - July

On Brioni Isles.

August 14

Visits Pag.

September 10

Opens the Zagreb fair.

September 20

Leaves for New York.

September 22 - October 4

In New York speaks at the XV. Session of the General Assembly of UN.

October 12

Returning from New York he stops in Naples (Italy).

December 31

In Sarajevo visits "Famos" and "Energoinvest".

* 1961


January 9

Comes to Zagreb.

January 10

Visits Svetozarevo.

February 28 - March 4

Official visit to Ghana.

March 4 - 7

Official visit to Togo.

March 13 - 18

Official visit to Liberia.

March 20 - 24

Official visit to Guinea.

March 25 - 26

Official visit to Mali.

April 1 - 6

Official visit to Morocco.

April 9 - 14

Official visit to Tunisia, where in April 12 he greets the delegation of temporary Algerian government.

April 17 - 22

Visiting UAR.

April 27

From Ljubljana arrives to Trbovlje. For a brief time he stops at Zidani most and Zagreb. In Belgrade speaks at a public rally.

June 5

Visits Kragujevac and Krusevac.

June 6

On Jastreb talks to the fighters of the Rasinski detachment.

June 7

Visits Bor and Zajecar.

June 20 - 21

On Bled and in Ljubljana.

July 4

Speaks at a rally in Titovo Uzice.

August 6

Visits Crikvenica.

September 1

In Belgrade at 10 a.m. opens the Conference of Chiefs of States and Governments of the Non-Aligned States.

September 9

Opens Zagreb fair.

November 13

Visits Skopje.

November 15

Visits Bitola.

November 16

Visits Ohrid.

November 17 - 20

On Naser's invitation he visits Cairo.

* 1962


January 17

Visits Split, Makarska, Podgora, Ston and Ploce (Kardeljevo).

January 18

Visits Čapljina, Vitina, Ljubuski, Metkovic and Mostar.

February 4 - 15

Visits UAR.

February 15 - 18

Visits Sudan.

February 18 - 21

Again he stops at UAR.

May 2

Visits Split, where he stays until May 8 and in the meanwhile visits Hvar, Bol, Marjan, Omis and Zakusac.

May 9

Visits Zagreb.

May 29

Visits Hrvatsko Zagorje.

September 8

Visits Zagreb fair.

September 24 - October 4

With President Brezhniew, whom he welcomed on November 24 at the Belgrade airport, he visits Kragujevac, Vanga Isle, Zagreb and Gornji Milanovac.

November 23

Visits Rijeka.

December 3 - 20

Visits USSR.

December 21

For a short time stops in Budapest.

December 29

Visits "Ivo Lola Ribar" factory in Železniki.

* 1963


January 3

Visits Varazdin.

January 23

At the VII. Congress of People's Youth of Yugoslavia in Belgrade.

June 12

With Sukarno visiting Grocka.

June 30

Reelected as the President of the Republic of SFRJ.

July 27

Visits Skopje hit by a catastrophe earthquake.

August 30

With Hrushchev visits Velenje.

September 18 - 23

Visiting Brazil.

September 23 - 28

Visiting Chile.

September 28

Visiting Bolivia.

October 2 - 6

Visiting Mexico.

October 17 - 25

Visiting USA.

November 1

In Belgrade after returning from America speaks at big rally.

* 1964


April 17

Visits Slavonia and the places hit by the earthquake.

April 20

At the V. Congress of Association of Unions of Yugoslavia.

June 1 - 8

Official visit to Finland.

June 8 - 9

In Leningrad.

June 22

In Romania (Temisoara).

June 25 - July 2

Visiting Poland.

July 26

On Vis Island attends at the celebration of 20 years since his first arrival on Vis.

July 29 - 31

On Tjentiste.

August 2

Visits Zadar.

August 27

In Ljubljana visits "Jozef Stefan" Institute.

September 7

In the towns of Sip and Gura Vai with De he sets cornerstone for the Djerdap hydroelectric power plant.

September 11 - 16

Official visit to PR of Hungary.

October 3 - 16

In UAR attends the II. Conference of Chiefs of States and Governments of the Non-Aligned countries (October 3 - 10).

October 16

Returning home visits Cyprus.

October 20

At a festive session of City Assembly of Belgrade so Tito receives the Golden Plaque of Belgrade 1944 - 1964.

October 30

Visits Zagreb, hit by the floods.

December 7 - 13

Leads the work of VIII. Congress of ZKJ. Elected as Secretary General of ZKJ.

* 1965



On Brioni Isles.

March 5

Visits Borovo, Vukovar and Osijek.

March 6

Visits Djurdjenovac and Slavonska Orahovica.

March 22

Visits Memorial cemetery in Sremska Mitrovica.

April 15 - 22

Official visit to Algeria.

April 26 - 30

Official visit to UAR.

May 10 - 14

Official visit to Norway.

June 2 - 8

Official visit to Czechoslovakia.

June 8 - 13

First official visit to DR Germany.

June 18 - 30

Official visit to USSR.

July 2

Visits Novi Sad.

July 4

Visits the flooded Vukovar, Slavonia and Baranja.

August 8

From Brioni Isles travels to Split and attended the 250th Sinjska alka contest in Sinj. Visits Sibenik.

September 5

With Janos Kadar visits Bakar and Kraljevica.

September 20

Visits Vinkovci.

September 22 - 27

Official visit to PR of Bulgaria.

September 27

Speaks at a public rally in Pirot.

November 6

Visits Županja.

November 7

Visits Varazdin.

November 8

From Varazdin arrives in Čakovec.