Chronology: Part Two (1938-1945)

The Party and The War


* 1938


January 7

Tito returns to Paris.

January 21

In Paris the meeting of CK CPY...." acknowledged the letter of the Comintern" of December 17, 1937. Resolution: "This leadership takes care of the business of the house until being resolved, main responsibility lies in the hands of Comrade Oto (Tito)."

Around March 20

Tito decides for a definite return to homeland and after "being eight months without any moral and material help", he decides "to liquidate the central here and leave a representative... I myself shall return to my homeland", as he wrote on March 23 to Dimitrov, "where I shall try to make a temporary central from the local responsible people" (CK CPY). With it he is "completely aware of the meaning of this decision and the responsibilities I took in front of him" (the Comintern), but he knows, it is "about the salvation of my party".

End of March

Tito in Zagreb, in Gornji Stenjevac in a vineyard cottage in the Ozren vineyards of Nada and Vanda Navosel; then he settles in Miskin street 103 and at sister's family in Samobor. Meets with the representative of SKOJ leadership Leo Mates.

April 6

With the help of Herta Haas he organizes transport of party materials, that arrived from Paris, from Susak.

April 8

With a bus he arrives to Ljubljana via Kocevje.

April 10

Arrives in Samobor.

April 16-17

Takes part at an extraordinary Conference of CP of Slovenia in the Amigl's vineyard cottage above Grajska vas near Prebold: strengthening of the anti-fascist front. Returns to Zagreb before April 20 via Kamnik and Celje (with a bus).

Beginning of May

In a mountaineer home on Lisca above Sevnica Tito organizes a meeting of representatives of CK CP of Croatia, CP of Slovenia and PK CPY for Serbia. Temporary leadership of CPY is set (Tito, Kardelj, Leskosek, Marinko, Djilas, Rankovic, Kras, Raja and Petrovic).

Middle of May

For a week in Belgrade in Ivanbeg Street 9. Meets Lola Ribar, the leadership of PKCPY for Serbia, makes contact with Kosovo and Montenegro, organizes legal forms of CPY, meets with Maslesa, Ugljesa Danilovic, Vlado Dedijer, organizes party publishing activities...

End of May

Upon returning to Zagreb he (in the beginning of June) reorganizes Central Committee of the Communist Party of Croatia; in the Bureau remain only J. Kras, A. Raja and D. Petrovic.

Around June 20

He goes from Split with a steamboat "Francesco Morosini" and a passport under the name of Karl Seiner to Triest, then with train to Paris, where he - all the time in connection with the party in the homeland and waiting for a visa for Moscow - remains until August 23.

August 24

Arrives to Moscow; stays at "Hotel Luks".

Beginning of November

Meets Dimitrov. Takes on the responsibility for the "Communist Party of Yugoslavia to clean the stains off its name in front of the Comintern".

* 1939


January 5

At the secretariat IK of the Comintern Tito is also formally given the mandate to form the CK CPY in his homeland.

January 24

With a passport on the name of Eng. John Alexander Karlsson from Leningrad he travels to Kobenhavn (Copenhagen); arrives in Paris on January 27 and stays there until March 5 or 6.

March 10

From Susak arrives to Ljubljana, from where he leaves for Bohinj.

March 15

The four-day constitutive meeting of CK CPY begins. The next meeting of the leadership is in Zagreb on April 3 or 4, and the third in Trebce at Tito's Aunt Ana Kolar's home. At the end of April on Lisca the fourth meeting of CK CPY takes place.

After May 15

Tito (with papers on the name of Slavko Babic) is in Belgrade, at Vojvode Dragomira St. 7. Meets Mosa Pijade (just released from jail). Makes contact with the party organization of Macedonia.

End of May

For a shorter period he stays in Zagreb and Maribor.

Beginning of June

In Podsreda i.e. Trebce he prepares the state consultations of the leadership of CPY.

June 9&10

Consultations of CPY in Tacen near Ljubljana under the Smarna gora hill (31 delegates).

June 17

At Vrhe above Zagorje on Sava the meeting of party activists of Slovenia, Tito takes part.

June (second half)

Tito stops at Trebce.


Stays on islands Susak and Krk and in coastal Crikvenica, where he awaits his journey to Paris.

August 5

Tito (as Karl Seiner) drives from Rijeka to Paris, where he stays for about twenty days.

September 1

On board of the "Sibir" ship during the ride on the Baltic Sea, Tito learns that the Second World War just started. Arrives to Leningrad.

September 2

In Moscow (as Walter F. F.), "Hotel Luks", room 128. The Comintern approved all Tito's reports and his complete activities for the rebuilding of the CPY.

November 26

With a passport on the name of Spiridon Mekas he travels aboard a Turkish steamboat from Odessa to Istambul, where he stays for 17 days (Hotel "Park", II. Floor., room 44, followed by Hotel "Continental", room 31 - until March 8, 1940).

* 1940


March 13

On a train crosses the Greek-Yugoslav border.

March 15

Arrives to Zagreb; escorted by Mira Rukic and met by Herta Haas. Lives in the Sveti duh St. 103 and at Grabovac 20. A few days after his arrival there is a meeting of CK CPY. Takes part at the consultations of managing activists of CP of Croatia. Very active in all areas of his work. Among others in April he meets with Royal Army officers - members of CPY.

Middle of May

Travels to Belgrade and presides over a meeting of CK CPY Politbureau. Prepares a regional conference.

May 25

Returns to Zagreb. Intensively prepares the fifth state conference of CPY.


Rade Dokmanovic drives Tito with a Renault car with Herta Haas and Vladko Velebit across Zagorje and Slovenia, searching for a suitable place for the state conference of CPY.

June 29

In Vinje above Dolsko near Ljubljana he takes part at the 3rd Conference of CP of Slovenia.

July 19

Takes part at a city and district conference CPC for Split. For some time he is in Makarska (organizes party school). At the end of July spends some days in Dubrovnik. Takes part at a regional Conference of CPC for Dalmatia (house of brothers Amikic).

August 10

In Zagreb Rade Koncar informs him of the arrest of CK CPC members, who were setting up the 1st Conference of CPC.

August 11

At the Beer Brewery in Ilica participates at the work of consulting leadership of People's Help, then he left for Belgrade.

August 14

Flies to Podgorica (Titograd), where he is met by Budo Tomovic. Attends the meeting of PK for Montenegro, Boka, Sandzak and Kosovo & Metohija. Takes Lidija Jovanovic with a car to Rugisa Bare near Zabljak.

August 16-17

Attends the 8th Regional Conference for Montenegro, Boka, Sandzak, Kosovo and Metohija in Rugisa Bare.

August 25

In Zagreb takes part at the 1st Conference of CP of Croatia.


Meets Augustincic (about the work of Society of friendship between Yugoslavia and USSR). Buys a Ford car. Dynamic party activity. Trebce: prepares the materials for the 5th state Conference of CPY. In Dubrava he buys a house from Prof. Dzamonja in Bihac St. 20, where the Conference should take place.

September 8-9

Participates at (the second day of) the 6th state Conference of SKOJ. After the Conference he travels to attend a meeting of the leading party activists of Serbia in Belgrade.

October 19-23

In Bihac St. 20 the 5th State Conference of CPY is being held. Tito is elected as Secretary General of CK CPY with its 22 members and 16 candidates. The Conference is attended by 108 people (101 elected delegates).

* 1941


January 28

With wife Herta Haas moves to Donji Stenjec 121, in a house built by Tito's nephew Stefek Broz. Here he lived until leaving for Belgrade in May 1941.

January 26

Consults with twenty representatives of party organizations of the Rail-workers in Solovljeva 10.

January - February

At Bihac St. 20 lectures to students of party school.

Second half of February

Around ten days in Belgrade, at Ivanbeg St. 9.

March 28

Second day after the military coup and grand demonstrations in Belgrade he is taken with a military plane by airmen-communists to Belgrade. In Ivanbeg St. 9 there was the meeting of the CK CPY Politbureau.

March 29

Attends regional consultations of CPY for Serbia in Nova St. 14 on Cukarica.

April 8

Next day he calls a joint meeting of CK CPY and CK CPC members (those in Zagreb) on Hercegovska 65. They sent a delegation to the military Command demanding the armament of workers for the defense of their homeland.

April 10

On the day of arrival of the 14th German Panzer Division to Zagreb, as the NDH (Independent State of Croatia) was proclaimed, there was a joint meeting of CK CPY and CK CPC at Prisoj 10 (Bukovacka St.). They discussed war and decided, that CPY and the people continue the struggle, that it does not acknowledge the capitulation and that a Military Committee should be founded at once, with Tito as its leader. The members of CK CPY were sent to all regions.

Beginning of May

May consultations of CPY with the purpose of "a fast organizational adaptation to the new circumstances" of CPY and to "define tasks" in the circumstances of occupation. Gathering crowds for the uprising.

Middle of May

Accompanied by Davorjanka Paunovic-Zdenka arrives to Zemun (the contact was wife of Marko Oreskovic, Jelica Bapsek) and then to Belgrade: first in Topolska St. 14, then Zvecanska St. 44 (until May 20), from then (until September 16) in the villa of Vera and Mirko Nenadovic on Dedinje. From time to time lives in Boticeva bb (villa of Vladislav Ribnikar).

June 22

At Moliere St. 43 the meeting of politbureau of CK CPY was held: evaluation about the right moment to start the armed liberation fight. Tito wrote the Proclamation of the Uprising.

June 27

The extended meeting of Politbureau. Instead of the Military Committee the Main Headquarters of National-liberation Partisan commandos of Yugoslavia was founded. Supreme Commander: Tito, members: Kardelj, Rankovic, Djilas, Milutinovic, Koncar, Leskosek, Rujovic, Lola Ribar and Vukmanovic.

July 4

Extended meeting of Politbureau of CK CPY (on Boticeva bb): from sabotage and diversions it has to move to an armed uprising, executed as a permanent partisan war. Members of CK CPY were sent to separate regions with authorization to lead the uprising.

July 12

Tito wrote the proclamation of CK CPY: Call-up to the nations of Yugoslavia for an armed uprising.

August 10

The meeting of Politbureau of CK CPY. First issue of "Bilten GA NOPOJ" bulletin.

September 16

Tito, accompanied by Jasa Kajter, Davorjanka Paunovic, Veselinka Malinski and pop Dragoljub Milutinovic leaves Belgrade and travels with train over Stalac, Kraljevo and Čacak to Uziska Pozega.

September 18

With a coachman he arrived to Kosjeric, and continued by foot to Robaje, where he found the leadership of Kolubarski partisan battalion and introduces himself with the following words: "I am the Secretary of CPY."

September 19

In Struganik in the house of Mihic Tito meets Draza Mihailovic. Mihailovic turns down active fight against the occupator, but accepts Tito's suggestion, that Chetniks won't attack the partisans.

September 26 & 27

Tito in Stolice near Krupanj presides the consultations of Main Headquarters NOPOJ with national and regional leaderships of uprising present: national and regional Main Headquarters were founded, GSNOPOJ became the Supreme Headquarters, they decided to start founding uniform and steadier military formations, introduced the uniform title PARTISAN... Instructions were given for political work, for extending the uprising, for the creation of free territories. Tito in the meantime directly led the operations of partisan troops in west Serbia.

Middle of October

Drove in a confiscated car from Krupnja to Uzice.

October 19

In Uzice newspaper "Borba" is printed with Tito's editorial.

October 20

Suggests an agreement on cooperation in fighting the occupier in 12 points to Mihailovic.

October 26

Leaves for a meeting with Mihailovic. In Brajici on October 27 in the presence of Rujovic and Bakic he repeats Mihailovic the suggestion for common fight (12 points). They agreed only about marginal things.

November 2

The Chetniks attack Uzice, but are defeated.

November 6

In Uzice Tito joins takes part in a parade and glorious celebration of the 24th Anniversary of October Revolution.

End of November

Tito from Uzice leads the fight to defend the Uzice Republic, being attacked by strong German infantry, motorized units and the Chetniks.

November 29

Among the last he leaves Uzice with a car and retreats to Zlatibor. Retreating along the German firing line in the distance of only 100 meters. Over Palisad on November 30 he leaves for Resnice and then to Senista, and on December 1 he crosses Uvac and arrives to Radionja (Sandzak).

December 2

Over Gornja Bistrica arrives to Drenova, from where in the following days he directly leads the fighting of partisan forces.

December 14

In a last minute call draws back, not to be taken by Italian units, and after a short battle leaves Drenova (village Vranjak) and goes to Drakevice.

December 15

Leaves for Novo Varos.

December 20

Arrives in Rudo, after leaving Nova Varos on December 16 over Drenovo to Lim, that he crossed at Bela stena. With the members of SH and CK CPY he continues the journey over Djurovo (December 17) to Toce, then over Goles (December 18) and Pozegrmac to Kasidole. Next day he continues the journey over Sastavak, Ustibar and Severin to Rudo (house of a local priest).

December 21

In Rudo he founds the 1st Proletarian Brigade.

December 23

Accompanied by two proletarian squads arrives in Medjedja.

December 24

Via road Medjedja - Hadrovici - Pesurici arrives at night in Rogatica.

December 25

In Rogatica he joins the talks of the Supreme Headquarters.

December 28

Arrives in Grivice on Romanija.

December 29

Arrives in Podromanija.

December 31

Arrives in Bijele Vode, the Military headquarters (VS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

* 1942


January 4

Via road Bijele Vode - Sahbegovici - Pusto Selo - Hace - Imamovici (January 3) - Bjelosavic - Rakova Noga arrives to Ivancici.

January 7 & 8

Attends the consultations of CP CPY for BiH in Ivancici.

January 11

In Cevljanovici presides a meeting of CK CPY.

January 14

Arrives to village Gajevi (forester's house).

January 19

In the direction Gajevi - Rakova Noga (January 16) - Podromanija (January 17) - Kula - Ozerkovici - Ponor - Donja Vinca - river Praca - Renovica - Bare ("in a harsh winter besides a fire he fought through the night") - arrives in Bukvica.

January 24

January 21 leaves Bukvica and via villages Ljubljevici, Krnjevici, Anista and Rancici arrives in Bogovici.

January 25

In the morning leaves Previl via Baucale, Kresa, Presjeka and Ustikolino and arrives in Foca (Hotel "Gerstl", then a small building above the railway station).

January 28

Leaves for Cajniki via Ustikolino, Gorazde and Miljen.

March 1

In Cajnik he is present at the founding of 2nd Proletarian Brigade.

March 2

From Gorazde arrives in Foca.

April 4

In Foca he presides over a meeting of CK CPY.

April 7

Through Gorazde he leaves towards surrounded Rogatica. In Varoliste on the positions of the 1st Proletarian Brigade. Returns to Foca on April 10 via Jabuke and Gorazde.

May 1

Was at the big May 1 celebration at the tobacco station in Foca.

May 10

Because of the enemy offensive early in the morning he leaves Foca. Accompanied by a squad of proletarians he retreats by the right bank of Drina over Bunove and Uzlup to the Tara gorge.

May 11

Vrhovni Stab settles in Lijesevina on the left bank of Tara. He visits a partisan hospital in Rudine.

May 19

In Lijesevina there is a meeting of Supreme Headquarters.

May 25

On his 50th birthday he arrives in Plukine. From Lijesevina on May 10 he leaves and after a tiring climb over Durmitor (on May 21) he arrives on May 22 to the Črno jezero (consultations with military-political leadership of Montenegro and Sandzak), then he goes over Bosaco and Stulac to Nedajno (May 23), next day arriving to Krstac and in the evening of May 25 in Plukine, where he stays until June 9, when he retires to Zelengora.

June 19

In Vrbnica presides a meeting of CK CPY: they decide to start an offensive to the west, towards Krajina and Croatia. In Ljubljana at the founding of the 4th Proletarian Brigade.

June 20

Near Vrbnica a consultation of VS.

June 22

Signs the historical order for offensive operations of proletarian brigades towards west Bosnia.

June 30

Presided the meeting of CK CPY.

July 26

Vrhovni Stab, advancing in front of the group of Proletarian Brigades toward the West, arrives on Cincar, where they held talks with the military-political leadership of Dalmatia (June 26) and Bosanska krajina (June 28 - 29).

August 15

Tito arrives in Glamoc.

August 21

In Glamoc there is a meeting of CK CPY.

August 25

Tito on the river banks of Busija near Glamoc led the talks of SH with the military-political leadership of Croatia, Bosanska krajina and headquarters of Proletarian brigades.

September 8

Near Glamoc (on a forest clearing) a meeting of CK CPY.


Supreme Headquarters settles in Mliniste.

September 28

In the liberated Jajce Tito inspects the 1st Krajiska Brigade.

October 17

In Drvar Tito hands the 2nd Proletarian Brigade a flag.

October 18

As he comes from Ostrelj, where the SH was, to Bosanski Petrovac, he signs the order of attack on Bihac.

October 19

On Ostrelj there is a meeting of CK CPY: convening the conference of AVNOJ.

October 27

With Kosta Nadj he draws a precise plan for the attack on Bihac.

November 1

Signs the order of the founding of the National-Liberation Army of Yugoslavia.

November 7

In Bosanski Petrovac hands a war flag to the 1st Proletarian NOV (NLA) Brigade.

November 26 & 27

Attends the 1st meeting of AVNOJ in Bihac. In Bosanski Petrovac attends 1st State Conference of Anti-Fascist Women of Yugoslavia.

November - December

In Bihac and Ostrosac.

December 21

Speaks at a rally in Cazin.

December 27

In Bihac speaks at the 1st Congress of Antifascist Youth of Yugoslavia.

* 1943


January 7

After the inspection of the 4th Krajiska division in Jasenica he speaks to the fighters and the people of Krajina.

January 27

Draws an operative-strategic plan for counter-offensive to crack the German-Quisling Operation "Weiss".

January 30

In Drvar he calls a meeting of Supreme Headquarters with senior military commanders.

February - June

During the Neretva offensive, in the battle for the wounded, and later at the break over Neretva and Drina to the SE and then during the "Schwarz" Operation on Tara, Piva and Sutjeska Tito was with his operative group of divisions always on the march, always in the first front line.

February 28

In Gracanica the meeting of politbureau of CK CPY. Tito informs his comrades about his plan of the battle for the wounded.

May 1

Signs the Order of introducing Sub-Officer and Officer ranks.

May 25

On Durmitor near Črno jezero Tito modestly celebrates his 51st birthday: he treats his comrades with bad black coffee.

May 28

On Durmitor he welcomes the Allied military mission.

June 3

On Piva in Mratinje the consultations of SH and CK CPY.

June 9

In Milinklade near Hrcavke the Commander in Chief is wounded.

June 11

During the march the meeting of Supreme Headquarters.

July 1 & 2

In Kladanj Tito has several consultations with military-political leaderships of B&H and Vojvodina.

July 3

In Kladanj the meeting of CK CPY.

July 15

On Milan-planina in Ponjerka the meeting of Supreme Headquarters (operations plan because of the anticipated Italian capitulation) and of expanded CK CPY Politbureau.

August 2

After 182 days of marching the members of Supreme Headquarters stop at Petrovo polje.

August 25

Tito arrives in Jajce and stays there until the end of year.

September 18

Welcomes British General Fitzroy MacLean, MOP, Chief of Anglo-American joint military mission, that has just landed in Krajina.

October 21

In Jajce speaks to the students of Military course of NOVJ.

November 29-30

In Jajce at the II. Meeting of AVNOJ speaks about "the development of the Liberation fight of the nations of Yugoslavia in connection with the international events"; elected as the President of the then formed National Committee of the Liberation of Yugoslavia; named as Marshal of Yugoslavia.

* 1944


January 5

From Jajce moves to Drvar, where he stays until May 25.

January 30

In Drvar the meeting of CK CPY.

February 24

In Drvar Tito gives a festive dinner in honor of the Soviet military mission, that arrived one day before.

May 2

Gives a speech at the II. Congress of USAOJ in Drvar.

May 25

Because of the German parachute drop on Drvar Tito with escort leaves for Kupresko polje.

June 3-4

Soviet airmen with the plane "Dakota" take the Marshal of Yugoslavia from Kupresko polje to Bari, Italy.

June 7

Accompanied by destroyers of the Allies Tito arrives to Vis.

June 16

On Vis Tito signs agreement with the president of the refugee Royal government, dr. Subasic.

July 20

On Vis the meeting of CK CPY.

August 7

Marshal of Yugoslavia visits the allied front in Italy.

August 12-13

In Caserta Tito has talks with Winston Churchill.

August 15

Tito returns to the Island of Vis.

September 12

Speaks at the inspection of the 1st Dalmatian NOV (NLA) Brigade in Vis.

September 20

Early in the morning travels to Moscow via Craiova; meets Stalin.

September 27 - October 14

From Craiova in Romania he leads the Belgrade Operation.

October 15

Arrives in Bela Crkva.

October 17

Arrives in Vrsac, where he stays until October 25.

October 25

After 37 months and 10 days returns to the liberated Belgrade.

October 27

At Banjica speaks at the inspection of units that liberated Belgrade.

November 1

The final agreement with dr. Subasic about the forming of the joint government is reached.

November 16

Speaks at the 1st Congress of USAOJ of Serbia.

November 19

The Presidency of AVNOJ award Tito the Order of National Hero.

* 1945


January 1

Visits the wounded in Belgrade.


Visits the Srem frontline.

January 28

Speaks at the I. Congress of the Anti-Fascist Women of Serbia.

February 21-23

Has talks with Field-Marshal Alexander in Belgrade.

March 1

Signs the Order of renaming NOVJ into Yugoslav Army; Supreme Headquarters becomes General Headquarters of Yugoslav Army.

March 5

The government of dr. Subasic resigns.

March 7

Tito puts up a temporary government of the Democratic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

March 12

In Belgrade he welcomes the delegation of pioneers.

March 27

Gives speech at a meeting in Belgrade (250000 people present).

April 5-7

Visiting Moscow he closes a deal on friendship and mutual help in the post-war cooperation with the USSR.

May 12

Speaks at the founding Congress of CP of Serbia.

May 13

Visits the Unknown Hero Memorial and speaks to the gathered people.

May 14

Visits the fields of Srem in Dobanovacki atar.

May 20

Accompanied by general Kosta Nadj arrives to Varazdin via Vojvodina and Slavonia.

May 21-25

In Zagreb speaks at a rally (May 21) and celebrates his birthday.

May 26

Visits home Kumrovec, in the evening arrives to Ljubljana.

May 27

Gives a speech at a meeting in Ljubljana.

May 28 - June 1

In Gorenjska and Stajerska visits the units of the 4th and 3rd Army of YA.

June 2-3

In Zagreb he welcomes the Papal emissary and the delegation of Catholic priests.

June 4

In Osijek speaks at a giant rally.

June 17

Speaks at the Congress of Anti Fascist Women of Yugoslavia at Belgrade Kolarceva University.

June 18

Visits Sumadija; speaks in Arandjelovac, Topola, Ralja and Mladenovac.

June 21

Welcomes the delegation of Italian antifascist women.

July 3

Speaks at the congress of United syndicates of workers and employees of Serbia in Belgrade.

July 7

Visits Kosmaj; speaks at the political rally on Kosmaj and in Bela Crkva.

July 10

In Belgrade speaks at the 1st Congress of Antifascist Youth of the Balkans.

July 14

Speaks at a rally in Novi Sad.

August 5-7

Attends I. Congress of People's Front of Yugoslavia and speaks about its tasks.

August 8

Presents a report at III. meeting of AVNOJ.

October 10-11

In Skopje speaks at a rally.

October 16

Inspects the units in Zemun; addresses ex-military officers, returning from the captivity.

October 21

Visits Kragujevac; after the military defile he speaks to the gathered masses.

November 3-6

Visits Sarajevo, Jajce, Banja Luka and some other towns in Bosnia.

November 11

At the elections to the Constitutional Assembly he is elected as a people's representative in several voting districts.

November 29

In Belgrade attends joint session of the Constitutional Assembly. The Federative People's Republic of Yugoslavia is declared.

December 1

Hands in the resignation of the temporary government.