My trips

Here's a list of my travels to foreign countries. The original was kindly provided by Floribert Baudet; I updated it as far as I could remember.

* 1944
Italy august
USSR september

* 1945
USSR5.-16. april

* 1946
Poland14.-19. march
Czechoslovakia20.-24. march
USSR27. may-10. june

* 1947
Bulgaria25.-28. november
Hungary 6.-8. december
Rumania17.-19. december

* 1953
Great Britain 16.-21. march

* 1954
Turkey12.-18. april
Greece2.-6. june
India16. december-3.january 1955

* 1955
Burma6.-17. january
India21.-25. january
Egypt 5. february
Ethiopia11.-24. december
Egypt 28. december-6. january 1956

* 1956
France7.-12. may
USSR1.-22. june
Rumania23.-27. june
Greece24.-29. july
USSR 27. september-4. october

* 1957
Rumanial.-2. august

* 1958
Egypt l5. december
Indonesia 23. december-l. january 1959

* 1959
Burma8.-10. january
India13.-19. january
Sri Lanka21.-26. january
Ethiopia2.-12. february
Sudan12.-18. february
Egypt20.-28. february
Greece2.-6. march

* 1960
USA20. september-4. october

* 1961
Ghana28. february-4. march
Togo4.-7. march
Liberia13.-18. march
Guinea20.-24. march
Mali25.-26. march
Morocco5.-6. april
Tunesia9.-14. april
Egypt17.-22. april
Egypt18.-19. november

* 1962
Egypt 4.-14. february
Sudan15.-18. february
Egypt 19.-21. february
Hungary3. december
USSR4.-20. december
Hungary21. december

* 1963
Brazil18.-23. september
Chile23.-28. september
Bolivia28. september-3. october
Peru3. october
Mexico3.-16. october
USA16.-25. october

* 1964
Finland1.-8. june
USSR8.-9. june
Rumania22. june
Poland25. june-2. july
Rumania7. september
Hungary11.-16. september
Egypt3.-15. october
Cyprus16. october

* 1965
Algeria15.-22. april
Egypt26.-30. april
Norway 10.-14. may
Czechoslovakia2.-8. june
German Democratic Republic8.-13. june
USSR18. june-1. july
Bulgaria22.-27. september

* 1966
Rumania18.-23. april
Egypt2.-7. may
India21.-24. october
Rumania1.-3. december

* 1967
Hungary 2.-4. february
Austria13.-17. february
USSR9.-10. june
Hungary 11.-12. july
Egypt 10.-12. august
Siria13.-14. august
Iraq14.-16. august
Egypt16.-17. august
USSR1.-9. november

* 1968
Afghanistan7.-10. january
Pakistan10.-17. january
Cambodia17.-22. january
India22.-27. january
People's Republic of Yemen27. january
Ethiopia28. january-4. february
Egypt4.-8. february
Japan7.-8. april
Mongolia15.-21. april
USSR21. april
Iran22.-28. april
USSR28.-30. april
Czechoslovakia9.-11. august

* 1969
Rumania1.-2. february
Rumania20. september
Austria12. october
Algeria5.-9. november

* 1970
Tanzania25. january-2. february
Zambia2.-9. february
Ethiopia9.-12. february
Kenya12.-20. february
Uganda20. february
Sudan20.-23. february
Egypt23.-25. february
Libya25.-27. february
Zambia8.-12. september
Belgium6.-9. october
Luxemburg9.-11. october
Federal Republic of Germany11. october
Netherlands20.-23. october
France23. october

* 1971
Egypt14.-20. february
Italy25.-29. march
Vatican City29. march
Iran12.-16. october
India16.-20. october
Egypt20.-21. october
USA28. october-2. november
Canada2.-7. november
Great Britain 7.-8. november
Rumania23.-24. november

* 1972
USSR5.-10. june
Poland19.-23. june

* 1973
Algeria2.-10. september
USSR12.-15. november

* 1974
India24.-29. january
Bangladesh29. january-2. february
Nepal2.-5. february
India5. february
Siria6.-7. february
Hungary27.-28. april
Federal Republic of Germany24.-27. june
Rumania8.-11. july
Denmark29. october-1. november
German Democratic Republic12.-15. november

* 1975
Poland10.-13. march
Finland29. july-3. august

* 1976
Mexico10.-14. march
Panama14.-17. march
Venezuela17.-19. march
Portugal20.-21. march
Sweden30. march-1. april
Greece10.-13. may
Turkey 8.-11. june
German Democratic Republic20. june-2. july
Sri Lanka13.-21. august

* 1977
Libya18.-20. january
USSR16.-24. august
North-Corea24.-30. august
China30. august-8. september
Iran8. september
France12.-17. october
Portugal17.-20. october
Algeria20.-21. october
Rumania3.-4. december

* 1978
USA7.-9. march
Great Britain10.-11. march

* 1979
Kuwayt1.-4. february
Iraq4.-8. february
Siria8.-11. february
Jordan11.-12. february
USSR16.-21. may
Algeria28.-31. may
Libya31. may-3. june
Malta3.-5. june
Cuba 30. august-9. september
Rumania2.-4. november

* 1980