My Women

Only women with whom Tito allegedly had children or was married to are listed. All the facts are taken from "The Loves of Josip Broz", a book researched with Tito's consent and written by Filip Radulovic. All other women with whom Tito also had relationships of some kind are (in his own words to Radulovic) "too numerous to find out".

* Marusa Novakova

1912, they meet in Cenkovo, Czechoslovakia in 1912. She is a factory apprentice. He doesn't have any money and searches for work. He pretends to be a graduate in engineering from Croatia. They meet at a strike for bigger wages. She is going to school and her father is a doctor. Tito suggests her to take some money secretly from her father. She is shocked. During that time he also meets Mrs. Klara. Marusa does take some money from father so Tito buys himself a suit. He borrows money from other workers constantly and reads a lot. He suggests they would have a child together but she wants to marry first. He promises her marriage. Then she confesses she already is engaged but wants to dump her fiancÚ. Klara also sends him money and goes to live with her when he learns about Marusa's love. Klara was older than Tito and that stopped him from marrying her. He returned to Marusa after she officially dumped her fiancÚ. They had plans to move out of Cenkovo and they left for Plzen and stayed at her aunt's. There she learned she was pregnant. He said they should marry immediately. He took a job at Skoda car factory in Plzen, where he met Liza Spuner who invited him to Vienna. On the day of marriage when all the wedding guests were arriving he went away to Vienna... Son Leopard Novakov, born 1913, an economist, lives in Prague;

* Liza Spuner

They meet in Plzen, Czechoslovakia in 1913, later they live together in Vienna at her apartment. She's a high society girl with her own mansion that Tito likes very much. He also likes one of the maids. Liza is ten years older than him. When they make love she gets very aggressive and beats him all over his face, chest and the shoulder and even strangles him a bit. He gets scared and locks himself in the bathroom... Later she brings another man into the house and has with him as Tito listens. He is very angry. Since then they have a more of a business relationship. He is buying cloth for her throughout Austria for her. Later they get together again and suggests he improves his manners. So Tito learns to ride horses, dancing, fencing, playing the piano. He goes often to the racetracks where he meets Tereza Stacner... He writes love poems for Liza. Slowly the rumors start that he is not what he seems to be... Liza doesn't believe. Tito makes love to the maid he adores. He suggests marriage but she refuses and says she is too old for that. One day she finds out he is stealing cloth from her and gets mad. She tells him to go to church and pray. He went and prayed for two hours. She confessed she is pregnant. He went on a business trip and never came back. In despair she started to drink... Son Hans Spuner, Austrian, 1914, Mechanical Engineer, dies 1942/3 under Kozara on the German side fighting Tito's Partisans;

* Tereza Stacner

Croatian high society girl of Austrian Descent, they meet at the Vienna Racetracks. Later the affair continues in Zagreb, where she was studying. In 1914 he is drafted, and although she tries to help him avoid the Amry, she can not prevent him from being drafted. At the draft he acts being deaf, but is discovered; as a result he almost gets executed and is sent to the Petrovaradin Fort prison. Tereza comes to visit, and later gets him out of jail via her father's influential links in high society. He has to go in the Army and learns how to shoot with firing arms - becomes the best shooter of the garrison and later gets the Austrian Army award as a perfect shooter; he is the third in fencing at the Austrian Army Championship. He is sent to the Russian front, doesn't come back. Paul & Gabriela Stacner, twins, 1915, Zagreb, Gabriela died, Paul became an Engineer;

* Ljusa Sedlovska

Meets her in 1915 in the Korutovo village while on the run from his army unit. She is a young wife of kulak Mihael Sedlovski. He stays at the village and paddles horses; girls come often to just look at him. He meets another girl named Ira Gligorieva and makes love to her in the woods as Ljusa lent him money for an evening dress that he could go dancing. Tito is happy; Ljusa is intelligent, plays piano, she's fluent in French, makes gobelins, goes hunting. Later Ljusa gets angry, because he spends so much time with Ira. He wants to go to America and tells Ljusa to go with him..., but she is afraid of her husband. Tito meets many Russian girls and sleeps with them in all possible places. Ljusa's husband is jelous and suspicious. Once he catches them when making love; he shoots Tito and beats Ljusa who begs him to stop it as she is pregnant... Son Kiril Sedlovski, born 1915 in Russia, a doctor/veterinarian;

* Ira Gligorieva

After being shot he is taken to a hospital, where a nurse takes care of him - nurse Ira. Ira is jealous of Ljusa, he denies having a child with Ljusa. Ira discusses marriage with him... He is almost arrested by the Tzar Army, but pretends to be ill. On July 17, 1915 he marries Ira Gligorova in Svjazensk, Russia. He gets drunk and repeatedly says he would become the Russian Tzar. They move to the city and live in an apartment. He becomes a supervising technician in the hospital. Ira was actually born into a prince family, but her father sold all their property; so they lived a poor life and quarreled often. Then he meets Daria, a doctor, at a party at Ira's godfather. She is beautiful and is constantly teasing him; so Tito visits her at her villa and sleeps with her... He repeats this procedure more and more often and tells Ira, that he always wanted to dress nicely. Ira gives premature birth in the seventh month and dies after it; Son Serjoza Gligoriev, born 1915, political worker in Brjamsk, former Soviet Union;

* Daria Andirelova

Meets her when working in the veterinarian dispensary. After Ira dies, he moves to Daria's place; he takes care of the stables. He sleeps with Daria only when she wants to; they do it in the forest as well. They go to Moscow for holidays to her parents' villa in Voronjska street, where he meets Olja Kutina, who studies economy. Darja is pregnant and always follows him; she wants to marry and Tito says yes, but he also says he does not have appropriate papers from Croatia. Olja is visiting him often at his house, so Darja and Tito have a heavy quarrel, and so he leaves her, thinking Olja would accept him. But she doesn't as she is afraid of her father. Darja wants him back, he says she should give him half of her estate, so she decides to leave him forever. He denies being the father of her son. He goes to the city to search for Olja... Son Josip Andirelov, born in 1916, Russia, dies as Red Army Aviation Officer in Berlin in 1944;

** Nina & Svetlana Bazan (twins)

He comes to Sankt Petersburg to visit Nina, whom he met on his winter vacations in Datov, Sibiria, with Olja Kutina, student of economy, and he already slept with Nina there. Upon his return to Moscow with Olja from the winter vacation, he goes directly to Nina in St. Petersburg and never comes back. Nina wants to marry him, he is 25 years old at that time. Both Nina and her twin sister Svetlana practice piano every day. He becomes aware of Svetlana as well, but on his walks he looks after Neva, too. Doctor Bazan notices the money is missing from the family safe; Tito is then already engaged to Nina and quarrels about this money. Later he spends three days he with Svetlana... then both sisters feel sickness; both are pregnant but Svetlana agrees with Tito to say that she is pregnant with one of her professors... Then the October revolution starts, he is put in prison and sent to Sibiria because he has no papers. Son Vladimir Bazan, born 1918 in St. Petersburg, doctor in Petersburg.

* Zuhra Badahur

He looks as a bourgeois in his winter mink collar coat; while on a prisoner train to Siberia, he jumps off near Omsk. He mingles among local Khirghizes. An old man sends him to see the rich Khirghiz cattle owner Zalid Badahur with 5.000 sheep and 3.000 horses. Tito presents himself as cattle salesman from Dzalal-Abadu; he is greeted with highest honors and put in the nicest yurt. The evening program includes the recital of poetry among others with Zuhra Badahur (nickname Mahabetnama - meaning the God's love), Zalid's daughter... She has long braids; it's here he finds out about the revolution in Russia. Tito says he would buy 1.000 sheep and presents Zalid with an advance payment; they celebrate the deal in the evening and Badahur wants to offer him a girl, but Tito is much more in favor of Zuhra, who sings the song of two shepherds in love... He kisses her, lies about a big library he possesses, and tells her that he is not married; he is thinking about marrying a girl not to be prosecuted by the Red Army. He becomes a shepherd having a relationship with Zuhra; he promises to marry her and her father gives his blessing; on March 18, 1918 Zuhra Badahur marries Joze Brozdun. Zuhra gives him a horse and he names it Ban (Croatian word for Tzar). A few months after the marriage she becomes pregnant and then he finds out he does not love her anymore. When she announces her pregnancy, there is a three day celebration but Tito wants to leave... Then the Red Army comes and asks the people to vote for their representative and they choose Badahur, who gets more votes than there are voters. Zuhra wins a golden horseshoe in a riding contest and the very next morning Tito takes this golden souvenir and leaves for Omsk. Son Kadi Badahur, Khirgiz, born 1918, engineer of petrochemistry in Baku.

* Pelagija Belousova

Tito is riding and riding... he pretends he is a Khirgiz. On his way to Omsk, he gets caught and is taken to prison. During the interrogations for several times a lovely girl enters and leaves the room. It is Pelagija, nicknamed Polka. He finds out he met her in 1917 at a railroad station. She remembers well because she was at that time only 14... He forced her then to... for the very first time... She wants to marry him. She saves him and he gets a kind of a job driving a truck. One day he takes Pelagija and a Party secretary to Omsk where he for the first time sees Lenin's photo. He often drives around to neighbouring villages with Pelagija sometimes joining him. They make love and she tells him he is "a true Eastern Emir". They are allowed to get married, but soon the news breaks out that he is fooling around with a school teacher Ana Ivanovic. But Pelagija Belousova marries Tito on June 19, 1919. Son Zarko Broz, born 1920, Red Army officer, National Hero, lived in Yugoslavia.

* Vida Kogej

In March 1934 he comes out of the prison in Ogulin and stays for a while at Bishop Rozman's Residence. He is being introduced as Engineer Rudi, a representative of an Austrian company. Once he goes for a walk to drink fresh water from the spring in the garden and there he notices a young girl walking toward the spring as well; he looks pale and she thinks he has tuberculosis; he tells her about the prison and invites her to join him for a walk; he speaks about Russia and she seems calm. Many times they meet in the garden, but she stays at a distance. Tito is more and more persistent to Bishop's neighbor; he tells her he plays piano and promises to bolshewize her; she invites him to tea and she plays piano for him; at the end he kisses her fingers; then he plays, but terribly. This makes him sour and he leaves abruptly. For a long time they don't see, she prepares to leave for Vienna to continue to study piano. When they finally meet he apologizes for the last time and kisses her. He persuades her not to go to Vienna yet and so they play piano very often. And also make love. She has to go back for Autumn exams. He asks her to take him with her to Vienna, as he has no papers. They dress as mountaineers and cross the border. In Vienna she is passing the exams and he is meeting communists and bringing other women to their apartment, introducing them to Vida as Communists. She is pregnant, but doesn't make it public, as Tito tells her that that is the Communist ethic... He makes a plan to leave her. One day he comes home and she is packing; he finds the dear john letter. He promises her to marry her. But a few days later they quarrel; she asks: "Why do you attach to women, and when you do, why do you leave them pregnant, so they struggle even more terrible?" He replies: "The woman must protect herself from getting pregnant." And he leaves. Son Dimitrij Kogej, 1935, Vienna, professor of music;

* Elza Gerlach

He is working in Moscow at the Comintern and Elsa has her office beside his. His code name is Valter. He is a bit in love, but she doesn't pay him any attention. She is a true Bolshevist, responsible, beautiful. Nicname: Rider. He invites her to Podmoskovje to a dacha of the Lazutkins, who also work at the Comintern. There are also the Kieglers from Germany. They sleep in the same room and she asks him to do her, but he replies the Croatians are a bit slower with it. He is too drunk to satisfy her. But in the morning he is ok enough to compensate for the missed night activity. While at the Comintern he is once called into the head office because he is reportedly consuming too much electricity in his hotel room. She accuses him of living a life too comfortable for a communist. Then he asks her to form him as a personality and for the first time he admits his faults. He wants to marry her but isn't sure the Comintern would allow it. He is a changed person now, truly conscientious. First he is informed he was nominated for the member of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, but at the Congress he isn't elected. But they get the permission to marry. The registrar asks for any possible hindrances and Tito doesn't admit he is still married to Pelagija and has a child with her, because he could be accused of bigamy, so he says there are none. So they marry and get an apartment with a radio. She travels on secret missions to Germany and France and brings him presents: perfumes and money from some bookshop. But he returns to his old habits. He spends much time with actress Vassilitsa Koveshnikova and offers her marriage. Elza gets pregnant, she follows Tito everywhere and even beats him; he often visits the actress. He decides to revenge. First he is nice but frames her with made up meetings with Western spies in Germany and France. So on November 6, 1936 she is arrested by the NKVD and he moves on to the actress. Son Viktor Gerlach, 1937, Moscow, a German, his fate unknown.

* Jeanne Coitier

In 1937 he comes to Paris and meets a woman with a daughter on the square where he lives and invites her for a drink. She is Jeanne and he is Jozko Broz. They speak Russian as he doesn't understand French. She is a widow for one year already, her husband, a naval officer, died in an accident and his body never was retrieved; they have lunch; she still wears black, but he tries to persuade her it would be easier for her to go out again. Tells her black doesn't fit her. After some time that he followed her she agrees to teach him French. Daughter's name was Danielle. One day as she is already in bed Tito comes for a lesson in French. And shows Jeanne the French kiss. He is a regular guest of a casino owned by a Russian emigre Matvejeva. There creme de la creme gathers. In the morning hours Jeanne teaches him and doesn't resist any more. He lies about having a job but instead earns money by lucky numbers at the roulette in the casino. There he meets a Turkish lady Mahri, escorted by two Turks in national dresses. He gets a major win and Mahri congratulates and kisses him. He goes to Jeanne's. She warns him she can get pregnant quite easily but they make love. She adores him and he moves to her place. Danielle goes on his nerves. They buy a car and drive around Paris to their rich friends. Danielle hates him and Jeanne gets pregnant. Because Danielle doesn't get along with Tito Jeanne also doesn't want to be with him anymore. He even slaps Jeanne. She runs out of the apartment; he writes a letter and leaves. Son Olivier Coitier, 1938, Paris, lives in Paris, Nuclear Physics expert;

* Zuhra Reuf-Anadolka

She is a rich, high society woman. He decides to pay her full attention. He has to prepare himself for his first visit, because there are rumors about him going around Paris - that he is extremely rich and a shareholder of a gold mine in Yugoslavia. He visits his friend Joza Kopinich and tells him that he needs a castle to impress Anadolka. He rents the castle of a Spanish marquee, that lies at the outskirts of Paris. The next day he moves to the castle and lives a luxurious life. He is angry as Jeanne was the first woman that kicked him out. Anadolka is exchanging lovers overnight and makes things because of which her lovers attack one another. They meet. He nicknames himself the Golden Prince. She has a store with silk in Paris. He invites her to the castle and she comes with his driver. His heart is filled with love. She leaves. He visits the Institute for Protocol and is already good in French. He travels to Spain, Russia and Turkey and brings her presents. Together they visit the casino, she invites him to a dinner and they make love. She doesn't take him serious, although he mentions a marriage. She says she would marry him if her father agrees. He insists she give him a golden ring with her initials. She goes to London for three days and in the meantime he spends two days with a woman - Physics professor from Peruggia. Anadolka's father agrees to marriage. They get drunk together and Tito vomits. They fall asleep. The marriage is in Paris, besides her father Ishar there are twenty wedding guests. He invites Cesarec, Kopinic and Kidric. The lunch is at the Hilton hotel. He wants to move to her place and she wants to stay at his mansion. In July they are on their honeymoon in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Erurum). He likes the fact that Ishar has a harem and wants to peek at it. The Turk is afraid that Tito would burst into the harem and tells his guard to watch carefully. Tito wants to invest in a gold mine in Turkey. After that Ishar allows him to visit harem with nine women. After the visit Tito says Mashalla. Upon his return to Paris he gives back the castle to the Marquee and says Anadolka he sold it. He is broke and wants to borrow from Kopinic for the gold mine in Turkey for a joint investment. Tito and Kopinic travel to Turkey and sign a deal to buy a five percent share in the mine. He takes over the financial books of her company and sells silk as well. He keeps a journal, but it was not mere a financial one, but also included women. Entries included items like: "November 17, 1938. I arranged a meeting with Mrs. Helen in Hotel Maxim. I have not seen anything so ugly. My tongue got stuck when I saw her. She demanded samples. I said I didn't have any. I asked her to cancel the deal but she refused." He thinks more and more often about returning to politics. So he does and he also visits the casinos. He says he will go to Croatia and gather complete documentation about his status which she has doubts about. He doesn't come back for long. She receives a letter from him that he will return, but soon loses hope. She engages with other men again. He returns to Paris with some papers saying he is a noble man. He is angry she betrayed him. Her two bodyguards throw him out of the mansion. Son Izet Reuf, 1938, Paris, a Turk, lives in Istanbul, salesman;

* Herta Haas

They meet in 1937 in Paris. She is his courier from Paris to Yugoslavia. In 1940 in Istanbul they agree to marry. She lives with him in a hotel apartment. She is an Austrian. They move to Zagreb and he is hiding from the Germans. She is a Communist Party member, pregnant with Tito and is working on special assignments given by Kopinic. The Germans want to arrest her because they think she is married to Tito. But she is only engaged. They want to have her as a hostage so Tito would turn himself in. But they don't arrest her. She gives birth. Tito is at that time organizing the national uprising in Yugoslavia and wants her to join the Partisans. She gives her son into an asylum, although not happy about it, and is exchanged for a German officer. So she joins the Partisans. There he is already in a relationship with Davorjanka... Herta decides to run away. He agrees. So she does. Son Aleksander Misa Broz, 1941, Zagreb, Croatian;

* Davorjanka Paunovic-Zdenka

She is sent to him as a courier in 1941. She studies French, he takes her for his own secretary. He is Secretary General of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia at that time. She accompanies him on his illegal missions including the one to Belgrade... While in Belgrade his favorite is Ljubimka Djodjevic-Buba. But Zdenka pays her visits too. His neighbor is Gestapo Chief for Serbia. In 1942 between Belgrade and Foca they spend their most wonderful moments together. The battle brings them even closer together. The Communist Book of Rules is adopted stating equality and that they are not allowed to have intimate relations. So he tells her. But he uses every opportunity to sleep with her, so his people are always looking for a good spot for them to make love. She is pregnant. He suggests she shouldn't have an abortion. They can give the child in the custody of a family until the war is over... She gives birth and a family in Foca takes the baby. She gets tuberculosis. The Communists want to call a meeting of the Central Committee with one issue only: his personal relationship with his private secretary. At the meeting present were 37 party members, including Aleksandar Rankovic, Milovan Djilas, Mosa Pijade, Cana Babovic, Sreten Zujovic, Vladimir Smirnov... Tito says punish me, but I can't be without her. He has to promise he will marry her after the war is over. So he does. She follows him on all his journeys and through all his battles stands by him although her medical state deteriorates. She doesn't want to get a treatment in Moscow or London. Tito tells her it is impossible to see the child which they will get back after the war. She goes to Moscow for treatment but there instead of getting the treatment she gives speeches. Upon liberation Tito in Belgrade moves to the White Mansion. He sends her to the Golnik Sanatorium. Her condition deteriorates. She dies on May 1, 1948. At her funeral he says: "You were my greatest love." Son Slavisa Paunovic, 1942, Foca, Serbian;

* Jovanka Broz

After Davorjanka's death Tito is very introversive. He even says that he doesn't love any woman anymore. He talks to Ivan KrajaŔiŠ-Stevo, almost a family member. Stevo sent Jovanka to Tito and asks him if he liked her. Tito replies that she is wild and asks for another woman. But Stevo replies he doesn't need a young woman. He suggests Zinka Kunc, a renowned Yugoslav opera singer. Zinka is surprised when Stevo contacts her. "How does Tito imagine this relationship? We do know each other, but never were close... I need time to think." Stevo gives her one day and his business card. She writes a letter to Tito and suggests that they should first become fond of each other and that after marriage Tito must promise to give her total freedom in her professional career - singing in the world's leading opera houses and concert halls. Tito wants to talk to her in person as soon as possible so she pays him a visit. They have dinner and the next morning they have a walk in the garden. Tito promises not to hinder her career but doesn't want her to continue living in Zagreb. She accepts his proposal to move to Belgrade and Tito is very pleased. She moves and they live together. She hates everyone kissing up to Tito and the numerous personnel (21 people taking care only of his appearance, 16 of his food). After some time she also has to announce herself when wanting to see her beloved. When he wants to make love to her he sends her a message through his personal aide (army officer). Tito once writes: "Tell her, I would like to sleep with her tonight." She replies: " I can't. I have my period." "Ask when she will be able to do it." "When my period is over." She complains about this communication system and he replies she should adapt to this way of life and not criticize it. He points out that Haile Selassie is being served by 5.000 people. She travels a lot and gives concerts (in the Met etc.) and their relationship slowly fades away. He asks her to call him and to meet secretly in a Paris villa he would buy for her, but she refuses. His last words to her are: "No woman is so charming and blessed as you." Then he realizes he doesn't a very smart, authoritative and popular wife but a woman, that would obey and take care of him. Jovanka has been stationed at the White palace since 1945 and is very pretty. She is also very disciplined, full of energy and the youngest female army officer. After his breakup with Zinka he once meets her and takes her riding and later to see a film in his private projection room. After the movie he makes a move but they don't end up in bed. Later they meet several times. He has a bilious attack and after surgery he decides to marry her. He sends her to learn the basics of diplomatic protocol at the Roman Yugoslav Embassy. They marry in April 1959, best men are Aleksandar Rankovic (Minister of the Interior Affairs) and Ivan Gosnjak. She takes care of the personnel and the house affairs with all of her energy. She knows Tito likes three things above all: 1) luxury 2) authority and 3) continuous upgrading of his ingenious statesmanship He enjoys riding horses, hunting, walking, resting, cooking, growing tangerines... He comes up with the idea of the non-aligned movement. She is the first one to learn about it. She takes care of all 40 Tito's residencies throughout the country. Continuously she is upgrading and refurnishing these palaces. She takes special care of the Blue Train, Tito's private/official train composition, equipped like in the James Bond movies. She takes care of the Galeb ship and he works on his public image and presence in the media. He enjoys spectacular delights such as the hand-over ceremony of the youth relay. Branko Mikulic suggests to elect Tito as president for life in 1971 and such a constitutional amendment is accepted. Cities wear his name, stamps shine with his image as well as golden coins bear his face... He travels a lot to the non-aligned countries and Jovanka is in charge of his "missions of peace". She takes care of their sojourn, food, swimming, security, presents for hosts... They have a special counselor for presents, Sreten Djokic. Slowly the national economy goes down the drain and Tito feels helpless. The power is handed over to his aides and closest friends. They want to isolate Jovanka from Tito because they fear she could make Tito once again take control of the state affairs - so she is dangerous. Stane Dolanc and Branko Mikulic tell Tito that Jovanka and General Djoko Jovanic are preparing a coup d'Útat... She is being locked in a house arrest and the General is forced to retire. Jovanka is in shock and wants to get in contact with him but all the time they take care of making up new and new stories... They arrange for Tito to meet opera singer Gertruda Munitic and they meet many times out of Belgrade. Tito grows very fond of her and tries to keep the relationship very secret but Stane Dolanc tells the story to a western journalist who publishes it and so Jovanka finds about it as well. Tito's health slowly deteriorates - he wants to take care of Jovanka before he dies. He tells Stane Dolanc and Stevan Doronjski that after his death Jovanka is entitled to all the rights and benefits of a president's wife. After he dies the reaction is quick. Jovanka is again put into house arrest and all her rights of a president's wife are revoked, all her valuable belongings including precious presidential gifts taken away from her. She lives in Belgrade.