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Josip Broz - TITO

(Kumrovec, 7.5.1892 - Ljubljana, 4.5.1980 - Internet, 22.7.1994)

Yes, I joined the WWW community!
This point offers a thorough insight into the building of a personality cult with the full help of the media.

Speeches, Songs & Movies
* Listen to some of my 'brilliant' speeches.
* Enjoy wonderful songs.
* Josip Broz Moviestar - the complete filmography;
* I also have my own screensaver (kindly provided by V&YM;).
* Olympic Games with Tito;

Photo Album of a World Leader
* I was handsome;
* First take a look at some of my older pictures taken before and during WWII.
* You should also take a look at pictures of me with world leaders...
* ... and Yugoslav big guns;
* Cruising Yugoslavia, meeting my people;
* My eternal portraits, statues and stamps.
* ...and some of my other very interesting photos.
* The last battle, a bow to the Great leader.

The Facts
* The Chronology: When, what, why.. whatever.
* Links: Biographies, Trivia, Other...
* Complete list of my travels.
* Some of my sins;
* My decorations, orders and medals.

Books, Women and Jokes
* My Complete Bibliography.
* Books about Me.
* Top 10 List.
* All my wives and other women.
* Jokes on me.

* Read the Tito's Tribune.
* Your contributions.
* Reviews of my site.
* Photographs credits.
* See who is behind all of this.


Yours truly,

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